Live happy 11 things to be sacrificed

Live happy is a habit that you can cultivate and live each day with the daily pleasures. But to do so, you will have to free ourselves from thoughts, actions and habits rooted in you that, every day, prevent you from living happy. Like most people, you will probably live a life of routine, mental patterns, and behaviors that cause you stress, discomfort and frustration. This article is the natural evolution of a path of respect and love for yourself. A path that will inevitably lead you to happiness and inner peace. During this journey there are habits you have to learn to leave behind, thus allowing yourself to be more serene and to live life with the happiness you deserve. Life is beautiful, and joy is easy to conquer. Here’s what you have to sacrifice to be happy.

Live happy – Let go of the need to be right at all costs

The need to always be right comes from the lack of self-acceptance. So, to compensate, you want the others to grant you the anonymous recognition you need. When discussing with a friend, you want the counterpart to acknowledge your reasons not for the matter dealt with but for yourself … every discussion becomes a personal matter. As you work on yourself and get away from the need for approval by others, ask this: you prefer to be right at all costs, raise your voice, take a dose of anger … or be kind?

Live happy – Let go of the need to have everything under control

This need is the first cause of anxiety. You agree that you simply can not control everything. Friends, partners, family members, acquaintances … let them live, let them do their experiences, their mistakes and above all have their point of view. Try to become more flexible but do not try to impose your schemes on others.

Live Happy – Let go of the need to change people

I refer mainly to your parents. Learn to accept them and forgive something. Remember, parents do not choose, they accept …. Instead, you are the partner to choose it. Do not choose a partner with the desire to change it! Are you to choose the people around you.

Live Happy – Let go of the need to blame someone

Many people end up blaming others for their own failures. This attitude does not allow you to grow. Anger leads us to think that there is always a responsibility when in the reality of the facts, you are the creator of your destiny.
Do you think someone has ruined your life? If so, it is because you are a victim of the past.

Live Happy – Let go of the past

This is the most difficult sacrifice. Many people are anchored to the past for fear of getting into the game. It is an unconscious mechanism that limits emotional growth and prevents any happiness. Past experiences have certainly left you some wound, but you know that they will not heal themselves, and above all they will not heal if you continue to feed them with daily sorrows. Work on yourself, work in synergy with yourself!

Let go of the labels

Stop sticking labels to things and people … especially to yourself. It is true, in some phases of your life you have felt the need to define yourself. Know that people are constantly evolving, a label that could be good for you yesterday, does not count anything today. People change, experiences teach, life provides constant evolutions and growth opportunities. Labels and judgments only make you slow down. Do not stay attached to the idea you had of you.

Let go of dependencies

Addiction can never be positive for your life. Whether it is gambling addiction, that it is an affective addiction … any form of attachment nullifies every growth perspective. Ask about your love affair. Are you still in love with your partner? If love is over, do not be afraid to let it go.

Let go of anger

If you have a rabid temperament, it digs into your past … in your unconscious there must be a misunderstanding that is not immediately unexpressed. Meditate on this: you will never be happy if you have anger.

Let go of criticisms and judgments

The criticisms you make to yourself are rarely constructive: you are often the worst judge of yourself. Maybe you’re not soft in criticism even when it comes to judging your neighbor. Know that judging your neighbor keeps your attention away from what you do not like in yourself. A way to vent your frustrations by shifting them to others. It is useless to tell you that even in this case you should stop your emotional growth and preclude any chance of having a happy life.

Let go of the need to self-condemn you

Learn to understand and meet you. Learn to give yourself a new opportunity, a new opportunity every day. Every day you live is to be another opportunity for you to explore. A new handful of time to exploit to understand yourself and to explore the surrounding environment.

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