Manakel Guardian Angel Born February 15 to 19

Manakel stimulates the happy and precocious manifestation of the feminine personality. For his grace in fact, anything that will take the individual shall show, implicitly or specifically, a directorial brand, but in a special connotation: if the person subject is female will be devoted to direct, while if it is man, will be directed by a woman. It will be the lunar energy dispensed by Manakel to grant stability to leadership roles assumed by women; meaning stability and to easily find a new one if you want to change roles.  For the same energy, through the Prayer to Manakel, it will be able to find work in the short term despite any negative influences esplicate by the Angel of the Abyss. This angel sends Read concerning the construction, therefore, influence the edification phenomenon in general, putting in its sphere particularly engineers; but also all professionals related to the construction and mechanical.

Manakel Energies

Love – do not want to embellish or conceal their passions or their defects; not idealize eroticism. Not even fight it, because doing so will be important to what you want to impose. The best fight, to win the excesses of sensuality, is to fight on other fronts, such as economic or social. It is really born the love

Money – A particularly important input of money, should not change your life; on the contrary, with this fresh money you should change the world, to improve it. More you invest, the more you will receive. You can change many things in a good way, starting with the quality of life of those who are closest.

Health – Manakel protects against joint rheumatism and bone deformities. Shape recovery: in your work, at home, within you is the disorder? In this case do note with high shares at the service of others. The harmony will come back, and even health

Career – You approach at the highest level, in your work, The others look at you. Do what you have to appear higher in your underwear. Eliminate your bad habits. Occupied the place that is yours, in the movement of the cosmos

Esoteric initiation – will have access to knowledge about the art and the manner in which the great architect of the universe has built the world.

Angelic Exhortation

Manakel urges us to go beyond what you see; to understand the life that lies beneath the material forms. Invite to cultivate the ability to read dreams and to distinguish between good and evil, to put them at the service of the world.

Manakel Days

Guardian Angel of those born February 15 to 19 that can get results at any time.
Other days of His rule: May 27 August 10 October 22 January 2 March 14

During the day reigns from 21:40 to 22.00
Angels choir
Prince Gabriel
Air element
Domicile Zodiac 26-30 degree Aquarius .

Manakel Invocation

Through invocation you can get: peaceful and serene life, intuitions, success in professions related to the fisheries for the plant and marine minerals.

Manakel Prayer

Specifically the prayer addressed to Manakel is the 22nd verse of Psalm 37  Ne derelinquas me, Domine, Deus meus, ne discesseris a me 

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