Manakel Guardian Angel Born February 15 to 19

Manakel dominates all vegetation strengths and exerts strong influence on sleep and dreams. Manakel imprints the Law (from Saturn’s own energy) to the Center of Images (that is, in the dimension of imagination and communication, which is the moon energy of the Archangel Gabriel who dominates his Choir). The person has the gift of modesty and seriousness that will make him gain everyone’s trust and sympathy, for the others will not see him as a rival, but as an ally. He will therefore be driven to stable situations in which he will be permanently useful.

Manakel stimulates the happy and early appearance of female personalities. For his grace, all that the individual will take will implicitly or concretely lead to a dominant brand, but in a particular connotation … if the person in question is woman will be destined to direct, if it is man … it will be directed by a woman. It will be the lunar energy dispensed by Manakel to accord stability to the managerial roles of women. For the same energy, through the Prayer at Manakel, it will be possible to find work shortly despite any negative influences expressed by the Angel of the Abyss.

The Angel conveys laws concerning the buildings, thus influencing the phenomenon of edification in general, putting in the sphere above all the engineers; but also all professionals in the fields of construction and mechanics. The love for Manakel’s justice can also make them worthy Judges or Magistrates.
The functions of this angel are also powerful intercessors, can lead to healing from epilepsy, and if invoked it gets divine forgiveness of any bad actions committed.

Manakel Horoscope

Love – You do not want to emulate or disguise your own passions or defects. Do not fight it, because doing so is important to what you want to impose. The best fight to overcome the excesses of sensuality is to fight on other fronts, for example economic or social. It is truly love that will be born

Money – A particularly important entry of money into your pants should not change your life; Conversely, with this cool money you should change the world, improve it. The more you invest, the more you will receive. You can change a lot of things in a good way, beginning with the quality of life of those closest to you.

Health – Protects against joint rheumatism and bone deformity. Retrieving animated form: in your work, at your home, within you is disorder? In this case, distinguish yourself, notice high actions at the service of others. Harmony will return, and also health

Career – You approach the highest level in your work, Others look at you. Show what you have the highest in your underwear. Eliminate your bad habits. Occupy the place that is yours, in the cosmos movement

Esoteric Initiation – They will have access to knowledge about art and the way in which the great architect of the universe has built the world.

Manakel Prayer is the 22nd verse of Psalm 37 (Ne derelinquas me, Domine, Deus meus, ne discesseris a me)

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