Mebahiah Guardian Angel Born December 22 to 26

Mebahiah dominates morality and inspires an exemplary behavior. This Guardian Angel stimulates the exteriorization of the noblest thoughts of the individual, those he himself has elaborated. This means that the beauty of his thoughts will depend directly on the quality of his inner mental health. If his intellect were full of mediocre or terribly ambiguous content, the Angel would strive to achieve satisfactory results. But the one who fully entrusts himself to Mebahiah will express himself with grace and courtesy, and in the end will know to extract the most precious part of Divine Thought (infused by the Angel); he owns the gift of the image, and his glossary will be followed by examples that will facilitate the understanding of ideas.

He will then be able to express himself with the word and the use of symbols. What do journalists or politicians do, people Mebahiah will be able to ascend to their likes, and if they put intelligence and thought in the service of truth and important projects, they will be successful. The union of Venusian and Mercury energies, in fact, makes the energy of this angel bring fruitfulness (Venus) and eloquence (Mercury); it helps to let us lead by Grace; provides clear ideas and the ability to regulate desires. Grants the right to judge with lucidity and intelligence by welcoming new concepts without prejudice.


Mebahiah Horoscope

Intense love, perhaps excessive. You will have to master the loving power, always keeping in mind what is right and right. Boasting its own power can create problems and create worries. To renounce this privilege, at least in part, would be a noble attitude

Money – You will, temporarily and partially, cover certain people or the bank. The good functioning of your economy will depend on your attitude towards these people. It is not your merits to play a decisive role, but your moods. Your artistic attitudes and your eloquence are appreciated

Health – Protects the voice organ. The angel invocation is useful to those who have to convince with the word.

Career – Managing, Governing is equivalent to serving others. It is a consensual affection. Observe the quality of others and make them their own, observe the defects of others and move them away from them. This is the ambition of progress

Esoteric initiation – Mebahiah will indicate in the dreams and visions the path to be followed to bring the happiness of the sky to the earth. Then, from the moment they will be understood, they will create the material circumstances that can help the realization of its protections.

Mebahiah Prayer 13th verse of Psalm 101 (Tu autem Domine in aeternum permanes: et memoriale tuum in generationem)

Mebahiah Days

December 22 to 26
May 15
July 29
October 11
December 22
March 3

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