Mehiel Birth Angel Horoscope February 5 9

Mehiel Birth Angel gives great creative and emotional moral strength, inner purification, balanced thoughts and feelings. People born in this period ruled by the angel Mehiel, are people in need of people’s approval. They are also noted for impulsiveness in uniting and dividing, in drawing conclusions, in making judgments. This inclination derives from a bad relationship between mind and instinct. They are very good at reasoning, in distinguishing, in orienting themselves within precise patterns. Instead they fear everything that comes from the deep unconscious, in vast currents that appear to them only mysterious, unpredictable.

They would like to impose rational control also on the impulses of the heart and of the rest of the body; they want to have the feeling of having succeeded, and punctually instinct instead takes the upper hand, sometimes even without realizing it. In fact, it is not rare cases of people who are committed to convincing anyone, and even themselves, of the absolute logic of some of their behavior that is rather irrational.

Then they resemble children who tell lies, with the only difference that children know to tell them and they do not. As for the need for approval, determined by the insecurity and by the doubts that these people suppress in themselves: and therefore becomes a need to see approved the image they want to give of themselves, and not their authentic personality – which always leaves deeply dissatisfied, and with an increasingly unfulfilled need for confirmation.

Mehiel Birth Angel Energies

Birth Angel Love – Mehiel brings out our sentimental potential. This can produce excesses and as a consequence the person will show inconstant in love. For this he will give the ability to restore an amatory capacity that was running out. To love and be loved you need to put a lot of your attention in this field, and the Angel Mehiel allows it, encouraging the re-sparkling of the love being turned off.

Birth Angel Money – the Angel Mehiel allows you to recognize the words of those who are serious and prepared by those of the braggart, and those who are interested in using your own strength, to work against you and against your own convenience. It prevents you from participating in initiatives that are not for your benefit.

Birth Angel Career – climate of approval, flattering consensus and appreciation, which is the result of your personal how much authentic qualities, carried out in practice with humble certainty of wanting to work for the good.

Birth Angel Health – this Angel protects from all the hardships of old age because it is the angel of long life. It allows to give consideration to the elderly people who can live next to them, drawing from them the treasures of experience and wisdom that allowed them to overcome for a long time the many dangers of death, to have useful legacies and also economic heritages, but considered less important and essential to those of a moral and existential nature.

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