Omael Guardian Angel Born August 18 to 22

Omael dispenses moral fecundity and material allowing the most joyous fullness of all planes of existence. is the bearer of great happiness and expansion of fertility, especially for women; men with less intensity, they will also participate in the fruitfulness he dispensed, for example, they will be skilled gynecologists or obstetricians. Through her intercession with the arrival of the rain also infertile lands bear fruit, and women defeat infertility. Omael is an angel healer capable of restoring the vital functions of every being, individuals tend to have good health and have many opportunities to be happy and satisfied. grants special powers to the intelligence and reason, gives value to the individual’s social life. Omael multiplication rule in the animal and plant kingdom, favors the crop and restores the vital functions of every being, represents the (divine seed) Omael is the angel of the production and expansion, on a spiritual level favors the evolution of the soul.

Omael Energies

Love for all that is nature, especially the aromatic plants, pets, birds and men. Their partner or their partner in life will be a bright, full of spirit.

Money the keyword of economic success granted by this angel is the fecundity in the works. Everything will be multiplied to contact them, crops or sales will be abundant

Health – Omael Angel of Health, and thus his charges can fully enjoy an excellent physical and moral form.

Career – Through prayer to this angel can become great promoters of production systems. Organizers of campaigns against hunger, against birth control, will be the big multipliers throughout.

Esoteric initiation
– will be able to learn about the functioning of the human body, and by analogy, understand the Universe works. The special will allow them to know the general ii; Units of the all in all .

Omael Best Time Invocation

Guardian Angel born August 18 to 22 that can get results at any time.
Others can get the gifts and the powers bestowed by the Angel during the days of his rule: April 19th, July 3, September 16, November 27th, February 6.

During the day reigns from 9:40 to 10:00
Dominions Choir
Prince Sachiel
Fire element
Domicile Zodiac 26-30 degree of Leo

Omael Prayer
Traditional prayer to Omael is the 5th verse of Psalm 70 

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