Pisces October 2017 Career Horoscope Love

Pisces October 2017, this is a wonderful time, your life can have some very positive changes. Make yourself strong and go ahead! The month will be predominantly marked by Jupiter’s transit, the planet of fortune, which on the 10th day from the constellation of Libra passes to that of Scorpio, marking a turning point in the life of water signs such as Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces. In a nutshell, starting from the first week, the access doors open up to a harmonious and exciting period. Just be careful not to let your work load too much. During this time, all the possible health impacts of the Pisces sign you have to do with the headache. Avoid taking medications for milder disturbances. Instead, start a relaxation therapy like yoga, or other spiritual methods. In any case, the most important thing at this time is to try not to become a psychologist’s client.

Love Pisces October 2017

The quadrature of Saturn with Venus in Scorpio could cause tensions in the couple. This is until October 14, 2017, then the goddess of love will enter the constellation of Sagittarius. In the first part of the month, it will be better for you to have a greater effort to keep in harmony with the relationship with your partner who may be affected if you refuse to share your thoughts. If you are not ready to compromise, the relationship is already dead, and it is perfectly useless to give you some advice.

In the second half of the month everything changes and the days tense in bright colors. If you are cohabiting, this is the right time to seal your marriage with marriage, or to formalize your love affair. If you are already married, you will experience these days as if you were on a honeymoon. The flame of the passion is re-energized, and the complicity with the partner increases. All you have to do is believe in yourself. The horoscope promises that you will have the opportunity to regain what you’ve lost in previous months. This is also a fertile period for pregnancies.

Career Pisces October 2017

The passage of Jupiter to Scorpio will prove to be extremely positive in concentrating your ideas and deeply assessing your situation in the long term. In your workplace, you will be well placed to take your time to do your business better, as the hurry may cause the obstacles that will cost you to overcome. Concentrate if you do not want to have any problems. If you have asked for a salary increase or a change of job, soon you will have a favorable response that will satisfy your expectations. If you are looking for a job, at this time for you are opening up important results, so do not abandon research, because luck is at your side.

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