Planning everything increases stress

Planning everything increases only stress, habitual mentality, obsession of control, and organization at all costs ruin life and vacation by opening doors to the most annoying stress. Scheduled holidays transform an unpredictable opportunity into a script already seen a thousand times. Many words dream about adventure: it is a sin that then settles into surrogate, (adventure holiday), all inclusive and organized. On a paper, a trip is a wonderful opportunity to discover new places and dimensions even mental, but it can reveal a lousy disappointment if expectations prevent you from enjoying the present. Who wants to see everything, find out every detail, try it until the smallest experience transforms the holiday into something artificial. Instead of the adventure, it finds the routine because it is a program instead of letting it be driven by the inspiration and strength of the single moment.

The need to fill the empty times at all costs reveals that in times gone by it feels lost. So it becomes obsessive, impatient, annoying and stressed: they impose on the other dictatorial timetables and marches, causing malumors and contrasts. In wild nature you end up breathing in the office air! Actually, adventure can not be programmed. You must be ready for change, flexible, full of adaptation spirit. That’s why it does not matter where you go: you’re not looking for adventure, it’s the adventure to find you. Just know how to recognize and welcome it.

Each of us is far more than he believes, and on vacation can experience it, the covenant of leaving his own beliefs and mental models home. She is the one who finds Clear, a fine girl who loves being always unmistakable and does his mantra accurately. For example, every year she prepares her holiday suitcase with meticulous care: from dresses to medicines, going for creams and books, she wants to go prepared for any occasion. That’s why when they land on a tropical island and tell her that her luggage has gone lost she feels dying. For two weeks he will have to go without all his things: impossible! The first days are dramatic. Do not look back and several times a day back to the airport to protest. Then he surrenders. The luggage will not come anymore, but in return there is fun. Unhappy, visceral, thrilling. In fact, forced by necessity, it ponders the small villages in search of clothing to buy, knows many people, commits, enjoys, and every day becomes an adventure.

She is first surprised at herself. Generally so measured and rational, it turns out different: full of resourceful, enterprising and endowed with an unbelievable spirit of adaptation. He knows one side of himself more instinctive, wild, free. He finds he can do much more than he believes, and this awareness conveys great energy.

When we abandon our crystallized identity, we emerge skills and inclinations we did not know to possess: we become permeable to change, expand our fields of interest, and discover new ways of being that make us feel good and drive away stress.

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