Poyel Guardian Angel Born Dec. 27 to 31

Poyel is the 56th breath of God, and the eighth angel ray in the Venusian Choir of the Principalities Angels. Poyel administers the energies of the Moon. Earth dominant element. Zodiacal home from the 5th to the 10th grade of Capricorn. Poyel is considered to be the source of the gifts of Providence: he dominates fortune, hope and optimism. Poyel embodies the energies of the Moon, the unconscious forces that form the images of our interiority, and is the most generous angel assigned to those who have deserved guidance from doing well in previous lives. He offers the most precious gifts, bringing in the energies of Venus (Beauty and Health), Uranus (Love), and Jupiter (Abundance and Power). All this is offered to these souls so that they can project it outward, by participating in the others of their full accomplishment.

Poyel gives riches, beauty and harmony, through the ineffable source of our feelings; he has, moreover, the task of unlocking cosmic feelings, to make them available to the individual. These will therefore be polite, refined, not for constraint or training, but for a way of being innate; it will show considerable expertise in all activities in which feelings are a decisive factor; it would be wrong, however, to speak in terms of vocation, since the will of the subject will be to some extent oriented by the power of love irradiated by an admirable angel such as Poyel.

Anyone born under this influence will be appreciated by everyone because of his modesty and good humor. Your luck will be earned because of your talent and good behavior. You will be able to get everything you want and you’ll always be engaged in learning and knowledge around the world. Despite its modest and fragile appearance, struggling for a favorable social and economic position, and thus gaining recognition for its extraordinary talents, becoming world-renowned.

Open to everything that is a symbol of vitality and generosity, you will be able to counterbalance reason and passion. Believe in the salvation of people for love, and you will always be ready to help everyone. It will always work according to angelic philosophy. Optimistic, you can point out the positive qualities of people and situations. With its charm, it illuminates the life of all that surrounds it.


Poyel Angel Horoscope

Love – You have to accept the present situation and stay true to yourself, to the word given. There is a risk that your deeper level will be touched, but you have to avoid getting rid of it from a passenger feeling. If a first love seems to have run out, if the feelings towards the loved one have lost their intensity, the good solution is not to replace it, but to revive the love

Money – The situation will evolve very favorably. The difficulties are being solved, but be careful: your vanity or excessive susceptibility could make you lose everything you think about earning. It’s the lucidity that makes it possible for you to understand the conduct better.

Health – Retrieving Animic Form: Do not consider enjoyment the first vital goal, it accompanies an act of creation: it accompanies the act of child creator and the creator of love between two human beings.

Career – The weather of favorable circumstances is near. In fact, they are already around you, and you should prepare yourself internally to make the most of it. Moral Needs: Do not look for ease, do not accept easy, profitable, but blatant business.

Esoteric Initiation – Fame, fortune, health, beauty, love can be easily achieved through prayer, accompanied by a voluntary positive action. Communicating with this angel is very useful because it recognizes, to its initiates, the way to act better, more useful spiritually and materially.

Poyel Prayer

Poyel’s traditional prayer is verse 14 of Psalm 144¬†(Allevat Dominus omnes qui corruunt et erigit omnes depressos)

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