Raziel Archangel Prince of the Cherubim Angels

Raziel Archangel is also known as Azrael, the name Raziel in Hebrew means secret of God. Raziel Archangel is the prince of the supreme mysteries, secret regions and originality. It protects humanity so that everyone feels positive and prosperous. It brings peace and kindness to people and is the guardian of wisdom and creativity.

The Jewish tradition tells us that Adam fell ill, and that Raziel Archangel handed him a book containing all kinds of herbs in the world that could heal all of humanity. For this reason all the great discoveries of medicine were attributed to Raziel.

There is another legend that says that Raziel wrote a book in which he reports all the heavenly knowledge. This book was given to Adam, and later to Enoch, who learned all the teachings from there. It is also said that the book was delivered to Noah by the Archangel Raphael in order to build his Ark.

The book of Raziel Archangel, opens the 1,500 keys of the mysteries of the Universe; thanks to the imperfection of man, this precious divine treasure has been lost. According to the Zohar, another mystical Jewish work, the Archangel gives us new opportunities to access this knowledge, because every day from Mount Horeb reveals these secrets to all of humanity.

Considered the coordinator of the classification of the Cherubim Angels, which belong to the Upper Floor, Raziel is conventionally represented by a bright white light. The messenger of God or the loving vision of God.
He is the Prince of the purest knowledge and coordinates the activities of angelic beings linked to the Uranian Planet, acting as the guardian of originality. Raziel has eight great angelic assistants who assist him in his mission, they are:

9 – HazielGod of mercy
10 – Aladiah – God propitious
11 – Laviah – God praised and exalted
12 – Hahiah – God Refuge
13 – Yesalel – God has glorified above all things
14 – Mebahel – Conservative God
15 – Hariel – God the Creator
16- Hekamiah – God who builds the universe

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