Reiyel Guardian Angel Born August 13 to 17

Reiyel helps to get success pointing the right way and gives greater awareness of the order and its rhythms. She teaches how to direct the prayers that are answered. It helps the individual to make speeches to delve into philosophical concepts and to convince the people, guarantees luck .Reiyel urges to entrust him with confidence, knowing that his energy leads free in addition to the evil and disasters, demanding to understand how exhausting the Karma which weighs upon us; because suffering is not an empty road but thanks to the experienced suffering, each of us can learn to be of assistance, like a light in the darkness for the blind.

Reyel dominates the philosophy and religion, the Traditional Text says that the domination of the religious sentiment establishes a bridgehead in the consciousness of his proteges, who, in doing so, include the voice that comes from on high. So the person can establish an unbreakable bond with the power of his angel, and if he will invoke his conscience instinctively communicate what needs to be done to succeed, even without providing reasons, against the errors that lead to unhappiness.
Reiyel Invocation; liberation from any states of constriction and opponents (visible and invisible), successful in the religious career and everything that has a bearing on the spiritual life.

Reiyel Energies

Love – Both men and women nourished great ambitions, when it relates to love this angel meets their powerful will and their powerful desires.

Money – Their career will advance continuously. Immense power of the will is at the service of their legitimate ambitions. Their prestige and their natural authority will place them at the very source of power.

Health – Reiyel Angel co-trainer and protector of the spinal settler. Deals with the spinal cord. It is said that it is useful to sleep on mattresses on the firm, according to some on the back, according to others on the side. You can invoke this angel when you are tired.

Career – Writers appreciated speeches, articles, books. Architects, revert, advertising, financiers will have a brilliant career. They’ll always be directors. They love their work, their success, their social situation, their bank account.

Esoteric initiation – Their writings are convincing, their three Angels will help them because they can advance both materially and spiritually in order to make known the truth of the world. The Guardian Angel will raise around them a shield to protect them from jealousy, backbiting, by false insinuations inevitable detractors.

Reiyel Days

Guardian Angel of those born August 13 to 17 that can get results at any time.
Others can get the gifts and the powers bestowed by the Angel during the days of his rule: April 18th, July 2, September 15, November 26th, February 5 .

During the day reigns from 9.20 at 9.40
Dominions Choir
Archangel Sachiel
fire element
Domicile Zodiac 21-25 degree of Leo

Reiyel Prayer
Traditional prayer to Reiyel is the 4th verse of Psalm 53

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