Sachiel Archangel Money Prayer

Archangel Sachiel is one of the most invoked Archangels, represents wealth, physical well-being, prestige, and money. Sachiel is the guardian of the animal kingdom and fertility on Earth Planet, Sachiel is very generous in helping humans in achieving their economic well-being, also represents optimism in dealing with life and is of great help in moments of sadness and discouragement. The money and the wealth that is received in any form through Sachiel’s help must not be withheld, but it must flow among people to improve the economic well-being of all, in fact, in its highest aspect, Sachiel raises in heart of generous people, altruism and solidarity.

Sachiel is the Archangel to rule the planet Jupiter, governor of the Sagittarius sign, does not disdain to help humans achieve wellness but carries out his ministry within the limits of individual karma permitting him to intervene. No one, if not the direct concerned, with his will and passing the evidence he will encounter on his journey, will be able to modify his karma.

Sachiel and his Angels are the energy-money dispensers, as money, like blood, is a real vital lymph. Its circulation must be in a balanced way, as with all fluids within the human body, without stagnation, without deficiencies and without bleeding.

Sachiel is the master of Jupiter, his power extends to all financial matters. Pray this angel to have money winnings. S achiel is very generous and does not disdain to help humans in achieving well-being. However, he does this ministry within the limits of individual fate that allows him to intervene.

Sachiel is depicted with a cornucopia from which he pours on the planet and its inhabitants, petals of roses and gold coins. In fact, it is a dispenser of luck, plenty of wealth in all its aspects, money, agricultural crops, majesty of the rulers, glamor of temples and dwellings, prestige. His presence infuses hope and well-being, helps to combat depression, sadness, and discomfort.
Sachiel gives gifts by following incomprehensible laws, but within and within the limits set by karma. Poverty or wealth are trials to overcome, and each living person is free to choose how.

We humans do not understand that there is a precise design even in the winnings of billionaire lotteries. At the very moment when the winning ticket is printed, already invisible wires begin to connect it to its lucky owner, wherever it is. Sudden wealth will be an important proof for him, the good or bad use of the money will indelibly mark his destiny in this and in the next lives.

It is not true that money is connected to the devil, but is a solidified form of energy and as such can be used in a positive or negative way. Money, like blood, is a real vital lymph that needs to flow smoothly and harmoniously, without shortage, without stagnation or bleeding. The energy-money must flow freely among all peoples. The golden and blue dress of gold guards us and puts us to the test. In its highest aspect, the presence of the Archangel triggers in the hearts of men solidarity, generosity, and altruistic spirit.

Sachiel Prayer

Archangel Sachiel, I address to you my prayer so that you can satisfy my just desire for money.
I want to … (say the reason) and not because I’m eager for luxury or because I want to live above my normal possibilities.
Archangel of money, make possible and materialize my wishes, send me the good fortune I will share with those who need it!


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  1. Thank you for blessing me with the knowledge of the power of praying to the Archangels for depression,sadness,hopelessness,money problems,family problems.I will pray from this day on everyday before I began my day.🙏

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