Sachiel Archangel Luck Prayer

Sachiel Archangel bestows gifts following laws incomprehensible to us, but later precise limits placed by karma .The poverty or wealth is evidence from overcome and every living being is free to choose how. Sachiel is depicted with a cornucopia from which flows rose petals and gold coins. In fact it is the bearer of good fortune, abundance of wealth in all its aspects, in cash, in agricultural crops, the majesty of royalty, the pomp of temples and residences, prestige. His presence gives hope, health, helps fight depression, sadness, despair.
We humans do not understand that there is a precise plan even in the billions of lottery winnings. The moment in which the winning ticket is printed, already invisible strings begin to connect it to its lucky owner, wherever it is.

 The sudden wealth will be an important test for him, the good or bad use that will make money, will mark indelibly its fate in this and future lives ..
No it is true that money is connected to the devil, it is instead a solidified form of energy and as such can be used in a positive or negative.
Money as the blood is the life blood that must flow smoothly and harmoniously, with no deficiencies, no stagnation nor bleeding.

The energy-money should flow freely among all people, even this is within the intentions of the New Era in which the just and right human relations
They will extend and consolidate. Sachiel, dressed in gold and azure assists us and tests us.

In its highest aspect, the presence of Sachiel stirs in the hearts of men solidarity, generosity and altruism.
Unfortunately it did not meet with much sympathy by humans try to take without giving anything in return, but with the new capacity to understand, there is still plenty of room to work.

Sachiel symbolically is the bearer of fertility to the whole planet Earth and acts on covering land of herbs, flowers and fruits. It is also the custodian of the animal kingdom which ensures fertility and well-being.

Jupiter is the star that governs on Thursday. Sachiel is the master of Jupiter, its Power covers all financial matters.
Is the optimism in life, the sense of coordination of things, the organic fusion of instinct and reason, passion and reflection.
Rule justice, politics, power, command, honors, the responsibility. is analogous to the riches, wealth, happiness, the expansion.

Jupiter is the archetype of growth and the desire to go (Over) to always know something different, again, so enable every human being to not remain confined within the limits of what is known already experienced. Jupiter in astrology is that part of us that drives us to perceive that there is (beyond consciousness) and to let us venture to meet this part.

Sachiel Luck Prayer

Archangel Sachiel turn to you my prayer that
you can satisfy my righteous desire for money.
I want to …. (say why)
and not because it’s luxury or eager to have on top of my normal ability.
Archangel of the money, and make possible materializes my wishes,
send me good luck!

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