Sagittarius December 2017 Horoscope Predictions

Sagittarius December 2017 Horoscope, you will spend the end of the year 2017 in a highly rejuvenating climate, particularly until day 22, when the Sun will leave your zodiacal sign to enter the constellation of Capricorn. Venus, on the other hand, joins your stars since December 1 and will stay until the 27th, bringing with it a flow of prosperity, for your love life and for your working life. Then there is Mercury, Retrograde, also in the sign up to 27, will help you stabilize your workplace success and defend your financial interests. Finally, Saturn comes out of your life, and with him you will come out of your habits. You will experience situations that will enrich your inner peace and bring you closer to a more indulgent philosophy of life.

Sagittarius December 2017 Love

Sagittarius have a heart always well-disposed, be prepared to accept and accept with open arms all the changes that sprout before you. The month of December brings with it a wave of opportunities. You will leave behind a period of doubts and fears, while enthusiasm and cheerfulness will reign in your hearts, and those who live in pairs will enjoy the joy of being together in full. The planetary alignment between Mercury and Venus will have a positive impact on your affective life, and your love story will flourish under the guidance of these two planets. However, on your part, you will need to spend more time understanding your partner and gaining his confidence.


For Single Sagittarius you are very likely to come across potential loving encounters that will turn into a successful relationship. Accept the proposals that come from a person sign Leo, as he will be able to make you fall in love with his enthusiasm. If you start a love romance with a virgin, it would take your libertine attitudes as a lack of interest on your part. so try to change the kind of approach and show your feelings with the facts. If a Scorpio comes into your life, there will be a very intense romantic, but full of ups and downs, in any case the horoscope ensures that it is worth risking

Sagittarius December 2017 Career

Regarding work and profession, Sagittarius will go through a very positive time, useful for planning your activities and financial strategies. You will enjoy the fruits of your efforts in the projects you launched in the previous months. Your work will be appreciated by your superiors and will earn you awards that will also bring you an economic benefit. By the end of 2017, the Sagittarius who are distinguished in research, teaching and entrepreneurship will benefit most.

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