Sagittarius October 2017 Career Horoscope Love

Sagittarius October 2017 humility and modesty often prevent Sagittarius from seeing with realism his talent. The Transition of the Sun to Libra until October 23, 2017, will induce you to perform an introspection exercise that will let you analyze your defects, but above all your strengths. while, with the passage of Jupiter from Libra to Scorpio on Day 10, the planet of fortune lays in the shadow of your constellation, making it easier for you to become more aware of your countless talents. There will be some obstacles on the road that could persuade you to deviate from what your goals are. Do not refuse any external help. You will have the opportunity to negotiate some interesting proposals. This is a period that focuses on the communication and evolution of social projects.

Love Sagittarius October 2017

Venus enters the Sagittarius constellation after the first week of October, joining Mars with Capricorn. It is likely that this combination will keep you constantly engaged in your business at the expense of your private life. Do not be surprised, then, whether the work will affect relationships with your partner, even if he will be smart enough to understand your problems. You will face an unfavorable situation at the beginning of the month, when you are tempted to pursue some quarrels with your loved ones. Your independence is fundamental to you. It will look like your partner is too much on your space. This will mainly happen to those who mix business, money and love. The horoscope advises you to take things with serenity and to carry on the useful projects for coexistence. Only then can you appreciate the joys of the couple associated with your need for freedom.

Career Sagittarius October 2017

The conjunction of Mars with Venus at the beginning of the month makes this a good time for your career, whatever your current business. Very creative designs will be presented to you, soon for you will prove to be the ideal time to put into practice your imagination. The planet of energy, courage and action will significantly affect the births of the Sagittarius in particular throughout the second part of October 2017, keeping you engaged in your activities. At some moments of the day it may even seem that your partner is impatient, especially for those of you who often mix work with the family.

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