Scorpio Predictions December 2017 Horoscope

Scorpio is known to be the sign of those who always want to satisfy the great passions he has in the heart. For you, the month may be a source of concern. Some life situations may be emotionally stressful to the point of influencing the state of physical well-being. Remove from your thoughts even the smallest things that can cause disturbance, and enjoy the changes that are going on your way. Do not be discouraged if you experience disadvantages, at the end of the year, stress may make you see more complicated than it really is.

Scorpio Love, December Predictions

The quadrature of Venus with Neptune from 5 to 18 December makes it clear that during this month there may be some obstacles in your affective life. You will have trouble talking to people who love you, because of your unjustified jealousy, which will not make you express your emotions with ease. If you want your love affair to be successful, you will have to try to adopt a more practical approach to your partner. Do not expect him, you always understand your intimate thoughts, so, this is the time to express your feelings clearly and decisively.


Single scorpions should not be discouraged, since December 10, Mars will take up residence in your constellation, and from that moment on, your magnetism will be positively active. Your charm will make you win hearts without difficulty, it is up to you to realize the opportunities that the stars offer you. With a Cancer you will discover the sweet taste of tenderness. Libra would bring you into the world of luxury and sumptuousness; Happiness also includes this kind of satisfaction. If instead you are looking for tranquility, consider splitting your nest with a Aquarius.

Scorpio Career, December Predictions

Regarding work and profession, it is not easy for anyone to distract the Scorpio when you are headed to achieve your goal. In general, the month promises some changes that will make things better. Keep yourself open to new ideas and suggestions. For those looking for a job, you are likely to meet the right person who will help you start a business on your own. Thanks to your efforts, you can achieve a good result and get monetary awards. For Scorpions who already have a job, this is the time when you may need to make decisions about your future goals. Your opinions and ideas will be highly appreciated by both your colleagues and superiors.

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