Sehaliah Guardian Angel Born November 3 to 7

Sehaliah Guardian Angel administers the energies of the Sun in the Solar Chorus of Virtues. is a fully solar angel that gives energy, vitality, health and longevity, just as the sun expels them on earth. Through his intervention the sick person can heal, the one born in a poor family can enrich himself, those who are marginalized, degraded, humbled, can be elevated, what is sterile can become fertile. With his help everyone can turn their impulses to the good; their projects can be realized and in turn they can awaken in other enthusiastic appetites.

Sehaliah Guardian Angel transforms people into living expressions of moral strength, or pillars to support the Divine Work. He is the Angel who infuses in us wisdom, so that our conscience expresses goodness, righteousness. The will of the person will express goodness and love; wherever you will be present and working, any difficulties will be easily overcome.

The person will be the very incarnation of the hopes of each species, the one who announces improvements, progress, and positive changes. The subject will be an important actor of a human work; will be the visible head of Virtues (or defects, if taken by the corresponding Angel of the Aisle of his time). In him, he will outline the values ​​of society, and perhaps aspire to be acting as an actor, acting in films or in theatrical texts that put his finger in social woes.

Sehaliah Prayer 18th verse of Psalm 93 (Si dicebam: «Motus est pes meus», misericordia tua, Domine, sustentabat me)

Sehaliah Days 

November 3 to 7
May 5
July 19
October 1
December 12
February 21

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