Seheiah Guardian Angel Born August 7 to 12

Seheiah gives the wisdom that comes from experience, protects the individual from all that is related to fire and accidents (including travel), falls, illness. It allows to express talents in the medical field.Seheiah urges them to trust in him to emerge unscathed from every disaster; to face difficulties with confidence surviving the most severe without bitterness. When your Karma is exhausted you will be heard and acknowledged, your value will be respected and will be your job to put it at the service of others. Then the second part of your life will be very happy.

Seheiah Energies

Love – Good understanding, fraternal friendship, to his father’s traits, sometimes maternal. The two lovers will be able to make any sacrifice for each other, this is true love.
Money – they offer them extraordinary opportunity, very important to obtain good economic results.

Health – Seheiah Angel protector of eyes and eyesight, material and spiritual. Through the bad look (the evil eye), eye hardens, the look becomes hard. Always see evil everywhere it weakens the eye. The natural nourishment, normal eye is the spiritual light and also the light within (mental and spiritual)

Career – Success and fame will come from their manufacture and commercialization of glasses, contact lenses, and the treatment of these products.

Esoteric initiation – Seheiah providential saving offers inspirations from aircraft accidents, in the sea, by car. Furthermore, its protected transmit (consciously or unconsciously) the healing influence of their angel; wherever they are, back the joy of living.

Seheiah Best Time Invocation

Guardian Angel born August 7 to 12 who can get results at any time.
Others can get the gifts and energies bestowed by this angel in the days of his rule: April 17th, July 1, September 14, November 25th, February 4,
During the day reigns from 9:00 to 9:20
Dominions Choir
Archangel Sachiel
lemento fire
Domicile Zodiac 16-20 degree of Leo

Seheiah Prayer
Traditional prayer to Seheiah is the 12th verse of Psalm 70

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