Seraphim Angel’s Power of Abundance and Supremacy

Seraphim Angel’s globally govern all the forces of creation for the benefit of the inhabitants of the Earth. They represent the power of abundance and supremacy. They are the angels closest to God. They are the wisest and most responsible Angels. They have six wings. They surround the sacred throne of God. It is said that the songs of the Seraphim are songs of creation and celebration, the music of the spheres. They are the angels of love, of light and of fire. The people governed by the Seraphim Angels are wise people, have a strong connection with God. They are strong, noble, patient and pleasant people. They are intuitive and have healing powers of the hands. They love knowing the future.┬áPrince of Seraphim Angels is Metatron Archangel.

Seraphim Angel Vehuiah March 21 to 25

This Guardian Angel is invoked to undertake and perform the most difficult things. People born under this divine influence, are extremely curious and are always in search of the truth, are internally balanced. They look at everything with optimism and for their nobility of character cares about his friends. They love competitions. They love social life and being possessed by a strong magnetism and charisma, can attend high society.

Seraphim Angel Jeliel March 26 to 30

This Guardian Angel is invoked to calm the popular uprisings, to obtain benefits based on the people who attack us and to restore marital happiness. This angel has dominion over leaders and employees, helping to maintain harmony. Anyone born under this influence likes to do everything quickly and as a child they already have the intuition for what is right and what is wrong. Extremely loving, it exalts truth and universal fraternal love. He has very strong emotions, he defends the truth and hates violence. He loves animals, flowers, forests, all nature.

Seraphim Angel Sitael March 31 to April 4

This angel is invoked for all adversity. Dominates nobility, personal magnetism, great discoveries and protects against car accidents, weapons and robberies. Anyone born under the influence of this angel, knows he is very lucky and therefore has the opportunity to achieve financially. It is beautiful both internally and externally and with a strong charisma, it attracts people’s attention. It is a great transformer, protects and encourages people with new ideas. He has great sympathy and kindness, loves parties, banquets, even if it is reserved in the way of dressing.

Seraphim Angel Elemiah April 5 to 9

This Angel is invoked when the spirit is tormented or a reconsideration of the acts is required. This angel dominates travel, shipping or even psychological ones, that is esotericism as a source of knowledge. Influences useful discoveries and helps to know traitors. Anyone born under this influence has the divine potential and so surely will discover his true gift from an early age. He loves to open people’s minds with new ideas and proposals. Sometimes it becomes sad, because even the people who love well envy their luck. Inwardly, he feels a strong help for the people, especially the neediest ones.

Seraphim Angel Mahasiah April 10 to 14

This Angel is invoked to live in peace with everyone. This Angel exercises dominion over philosophy, theology, the higher sciences, the arts and the liberal professions. Anyone born under this influence will learn everything easily and quickly, including languages, because it brings memories of other incarnations. It is always transforming, being born, dying and reborn in all areas, both in sentimental and professional life. It is endowed with great inner balance. It always acts according to social and human laws. It is an example of virtue and the intense light of its aura can be clearly seen on the shoulders and head.

Seraphim Angel Lelahel April 15 to 20

This Angel is invoked against evil people and to acquire enlightenment in the execution of healing acts. Dominates the arts, fortune, science and love. Anyone born under this influence has many forces to cut the evil. It is endowed with great idealism and balance. He is always ready to help those in need, behaving in a disinterested way. It carries a rare jewel called the front light. The word impossible is not part of your dictionary. He will work to ensure that his name is honored and known by everyone. He uses his knowledge, mainly to improve the standard of life, conscience and culture of everyone.

Seraphim Angel Achaiah April 21 to 25

This Angel is invoked to have more patience. It facilitates the discovery of the secrets of nature and influences the propagation of lights at work. Whoever is born under this influence has a lot of spirituality, but at the same time has his feet on the ground, looks at the horizon and has his mind in the stars. He is stubborn, tenacious and has an enormous need to know all sides of an issue. She is selfless, immensely patient and understanding with everything and everyone.

Seraphim Angel Cahetel April 26 to 30

This angel is invoked to obtain God’s protection, to inspire man to rise up to him and to give thanks for consumer goods. It helps to have the strength to resist and keep going. Anyone born under the influence of this Angel possesses harmony and balance between spirit and matter, has maturity and mastery of his inner self. He has a clear vision and understanding of the world and its laws, having a lot of strength to resist and always to continue. He always follows his heart and is not afraid of anything. You are always ready to travel and discover new horizons. Your land will be your life. He loves cultivating aromatic plants, flowers and fruit trees.

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