Sixty-eighth Name of God Chet Beth Vav, Angel 68 Habuhiah

Sixty-eighth Name of God, Our rationality has wanted to build bonds and barriers, and among these a widespread idea is that the world of the living, is totally separate from the world of the dead. But the dead, in the common sense of the word, do not exist, because we are all immortal, and death is only an apparent passage of state, which is beyond the perception of our senses.

Then celebrating the Lord means working in all the worlds, seeing that He gives without any bond. But contacting those who died, to help them in their lives and find help for ours, is not a task for everyone. To help them in their lives may seem a strange affirmation, because we often think that only they, by necessity, can help us, and not vice versa. Often it is they who need us and our help. Those people who died, not all are in the Light, not all have understood and have accepted to be on the other side.

They are physically on the other side, but with the mind they are still here. We need our help to free them and get out of this situation, accepting the condition in which we find ourselves. In such a situation the Lord can not intervene directly, it would be a violation of the free will and freedom that he wanted to give us, but we can do this. Normally, in these particular situations, people who died unexpectedly and violently end up, where the mind has not had time to realize and understand what was happening. On the other hand, and it is the best known case, sometimes the dead come to our aid, for example by the bonds they have maintained with us.

Classic is the generational link, of blood, even if a child compared to the physical parents has nothing to do, because every person is an identity that goes on its own, but there is a bond so strong on a material level that it follows a spiritual connection. No one was born by chance, but because he decided to be born in that family, and with that decision he established a very powerful bond of blood. The moment parents leave the other side and the child stays here, this bond is hard to break, unless it has been broken before, which can happen.

Situation in which the parent continues to protect the child, despite being on the other side, and if he is able to do so. In any case, the Sixty-eighth Name of God helps us to get in touch with the non-incarnate souls. The risk is to use this capacity for our personal purposes.

Have you ever heard of magicians and seances?
They are realities for those who have the Sixty-eighth Name of God inside and are not using it well.
In fact, the question is: But are you doing it right?
Are the seances legitimate?
The right answer, in any case, is: No.
The seances are not made, in any case, they are still wrong.

It is not wrong to get in touch with those on the other side. If a person has this dowry, he must be able to use it naturally in the right way,
without the need for rituals. Also when it starts to get paid and to
to drive things by their personal power, as a satisfaction of his ego, based on the idea that there are weak people who have
need of superdotati, then this thought generates a slavery, and thanks to this super sensory ability instead of using the Sixty-eighth Name of God in a positive way you use it for your own benefit. It is therefore good to always stay away from magicians and mediums of all kinds.

Sixty-eighth Name of God corresponds to Habuhiah Guardian Angel    Psalm 105: 1

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