Sixty-seventh Name of God Alef Yud Ayin, Angel 67 Eyael

Sixty-seventh Name of God, there are two kinds of expectations we can have in this life. The first type is linked to the projects we have devised or to the dreams we have created. Every earthly dream creates expectations, the bigger the more ambitious the goal is. The negative mechanism behind this kind of expectation is linked to the desire for power. Lust for power is not only the ambition of being someone important, or possessing a lot of money, but more simply it can also mean being a mother who submits her children, having them totally depersonalized and enslaved.

In the hands of the ego, the Sixty-seventh Name of God creates the great false expectations, with the great defeats of life, because what is expected is not realized. And even in the rare cases where this happens, in any case satisfaction soon disappears to give way to a new, even more ambitious goal. In this way a sequence of events is created according to which one tends more and more towards impossible goals, to then discharge the blame of the failures on others. So the mechanism is negative not only for what it causes in us, but also because it leads us progressively to be in opposition to the whole world.

Maybe unconsciously, but we are using our animal part, the one we inherited from Eva. The Sixty-seventh Name of God yes he refers to the sons of men precisely to tell us that God is behaving with us now hybridize with animals, always in a delightful way; the psalm indicates the road to fulfill the true desires of the heart, which is seeking joy and certainly not our lust for power. On the other hand it is God who grants Cain the word, as a sign to protect him from everything and everyone, despite what he has done. We are his descendants.

If we follow the Sixty-seventh Name of God abandoning our projects and our animal ego, realizing instead those expectations that are not ours, and appreciating what we have in us, and what we are at this moment, we create a virtuous mechanism and positive, which leads us to continuous inner successes and to develop a harmonious relationship with others. In this way we earn the
control over the power of time in our life.

Instead of asking and wanting more and more, we appreciate what we have and what we are now, living every moment of life in a full and satisfying way. Thus the great and the small expectations are completely realized, and we can experience that joy that allows us to fulfill the true expectations of our heart.

Sixty-seventh Name of God corresponds to Eyael Guardian Angel Psalm 36: 4

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