Fighting childhood anxiety with love


Childhood anxiety can be of different types and can have different causes. Getting to know them can help. People surrounding the child can be helpful in teaching how to channel their emotions. The different causes of child anxiety are due to the age of the child. However, common motivations that arise before adolescence can be presented. Physical or psychological abuse. Conflict between parents that causes stress. Abandonment by one of the parents. Traumatic events of any kind. Economic crisis in the family. Excessive responsibility for the age of the child.…

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Grandchildren are a legacy of love


With the birth of the first grandchildren, people discover true love. It is a bond that goes far beyond the bond of blood, it is the union of two generations that will leave a permanent emotional mark. With the arrival of these new members of the family, relations between parents and children are reformulated: if before it was wonderful to be a mother, now satisfaction is even greater, because one is the mother of a mother or father of a father. It is one more stage of our life cycle,…

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Prophets, in the development of the Jewish religion


The importance of the prophets in the development of the Jewish religion is extraordinary. In their preaching all the fundamental themes that constitute the essence of Judaism are treated. First of all, monotheism. It is thanks to their teachings that the idea of ​​the existence of one God is firmly rooted among the people. God is not only the most powerful of all gods, but he is the only Lord of all the universe, the saint par excellence, infinitely far from man, and at the same time, lovingly and tenderly…

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Children are made of an innocent delicate material


All children are made of a delicate, innocent, fragile, dreamlike and magnificent material. All the bamibinis are brilliant and sparkling minds that transform their games into dreams to be fulfilled and aspirations to be attained. When we look at children, we must be aware of this, of the fact that we are their teachers, those responsible for their dreams, their desire to live, their self-esteem and ultimately their complete construction. All of this is essential if we stop and think about it. If we think of building a house, we…

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New Age rebirth of faiths and religions


New Age the modern individual who suffers the charm of this current of thought is undoubtedly dissatisfied with the social and civil reality, and in general the Western life system which is quite devoid of values ​​and spirituality, and hence wants to get out of This awkward and hedonistic materialism that characterizes us globally; On the other hand, perhaps it needs to give greater enamel to traditional religions, for it is noticed that often the latter feed discourses of faith, but not great passions of faith The great religions some gave…

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Syncretism mixes religion and spiritual practices


Syncretism is a religious form that mixes doctrines, liturgies and spiritual practices of different origins. Syncretism means the integration or merging of doctrines of different origins into a new doctrine, both in the sphere of religious beliefs and in that of philosophical conceptions. More particularly, in the history of religions, Syncretism means the fusion of two or more religions, or even the partial contamination of one religion with elements of others. The term Syncretism, however, has spread in the modern era thanks above all to the New Age movement, which…

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