Unlearning the things you believe are true


Sometimes you have to unlearn the things you believe to be true. It is not necessary to see the world in the same way you have always seen it. Just because a fact was true in the past does not mean it’s still true today. And just because you learned something in a certain way, it does not mean that you learned it in the best way. Therefore, do not let yesterday’s beliefs dictate the history you live today. Our brain interprets reality based on its beliefs, beliefs and structures…

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Silence as a basis for knowledge


Silence is sometimes vital and calm the mind, you can locate a permanent center of gravity. Since the center of gravity of the Earth allows us to have a reference point, for the material and the dynamic objects related to it, in the silence of mind and feelings, you can find a reference point for the subtle objects of our inner world, transcending every preference, every partial point of view and therefore allows to activate that essential discrimination, to understand their movements. The spiritual quest can only be empirical. Obviously…

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Eyael Angel Qualities and Meditation Prayer


Eyael Angel Qualities are the ability to find the good in everything, generosity of feelings, consolation, taste for elevation and spiritual evolution; wisdom, erudition, divine illumination, understanding of the unknown aspect of the Work of God, changes, longevity. Gagalim is the Angel of the abyss opposite to Eyael Angel; it represents the darkness and all the deceptions that come from the lack of light. It causes prejudice, cheating, deceptive vision, the spread of erroneous beliefs and erroneous systems in the spiritual and scientific fields. Eyael Angel exhorts to develop a…

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Emotional dependency, hides an extreme fear


Emotional dependency is a complex condition. Generally it does not obey only one factor, but different elements are necessary for it to appear and be maintained. In many cases, moreover, it is not a conscious reality, the person believes that the problems deriving from his emotional dependency have a distinct and often external origin. The emotional dependency conceals an extreme fear, as well as different fantasies about their abilities and the place that deals in the world. The person feels, without any proof, that if they break or they fail…

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Vanity is defined as pride and excessive consideration


Vanity is defined as pride and excessive consideration of one’s merits and abilities. In addition, vain people take for granted that others have a high opinion and consideration of them, since they are on a higher level. Their personality is constituted by an excess of arrogance and presumption. Characteristics of Vanity Pride – Do not soil the source where you have satisfied your thirst -. This phrase by William Shakespeare perfectly sums up one of the psychological characteristics that all the vain people have in common … pride. Proud people…

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Gaslighting and couple relationships


Gaslighting is a form of psychological violence, in which the aggressor progressively questions the correctness of the victim’s perceptions, to the point of making it unsure of the correctness of his examination of reality and of his thought processes, annulling the sense of responsibility and of effectiveness. It looks like stuff from sophisticated torturers, but it is a very widespread phenomenon. Gaslighting is a term coined by the title of the theater work Gas light of 1938 of which subsequent film adaptations were made including that of Alfred Hitchcock with…

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Become the best ally of yourself


Being our best ally of yourself means being well disposed and having a good attitude towards ourselves, accepting and respecting ourselves. Understanding that nobody is immune from mistakes. It is precisely the errors that almost always allow us to gain experience and move forward. To torment us is a childish way of facing our mistakes. It damages us and does not bring us anything. If we can not even count on ourselves, we can hardly count on someone else. To face the difficult path of life, we need allies. To…

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As adults we all become parents of ourselves


As adults we all become parents of ourselves, and those who do not play the role rightly end up experiencing constant dissatisfaction and wrong love. We ourselves have the same educational responsibilities towards ourselves that weighed on the shoulders of our parents when we were children. As adults, we must self-observe ourselves, take care of protecting ourselves and supporting ourselves on a par with what a good parent would do with their child. The emotional legacies left by our parents From our parents we have learned how to relate to…

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The voice in our head that guides us


That voice in our head that guides us and takes our word when we ask ourselves who we are … is called an ego. But do you know what it is in reality? Ego is the product of emotions, thoughts and memories that have been accumulated throughout the course of one’s life. But it also concerns certain beliefs that make us see reality in a certain way, and make us think that this way is the true one. The ego tends to attribute labels, such as nationality. Moreover, it identifies…

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Limiting beliefs about money are widespread


The limiting beliefs about money are widespread throughout the population and strongly limit people who seek to improve their economic situation, here are some examples of limiting beliefs, some even a little superficial. It takes money to get rich. It will surprise you to know that many of the great modern rich have started from nothing and 90% of them are first generation. We must have studied and be at least graduates to get rich. Try to do some research and you will notice that people like Steve Jobs and…

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