Unlearning the things you believe are true


Sometimes you have to unlearn the things you believe to be true. It is not necessary to see the world in the same way you have always seen it. Just because a fact was true in the past does not mean it’s still true today. And just because you learned something in a certain way, it does not mean that you learned it in the best way. Therefore, do not let yesterday’s beliefs dictate the history you live today. Our brain interprets reality based on its beliefs, beliefs and structures…

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Thought and the cage of the mind


Thought is not something we produce, but a – substance – in which we are immersed. It is our natural habitat, in which we act and create effects and responses. In fact – we elaborate – thought, we do not produce it. Thought is not part of us, it does not belong to us. We are used to identifying ourselves in our thoughts, but the truth is that we are only the channel through which they flow. Human beings participate in a multidimensional energy-thought ecosystem. Man receives thought elaborated by…

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Ayin Lamed Mem 4th God Name, Angel Elemiah


Ayin Lamed Mem 4th God Name, when obsessive thoughts invade us, such as restlessness, anxiety, fear, pessimism, uncertainties, negative thoughts, we seem to have lost the connection with God. We often talk about the darkness of the soul. But God gives us the strength to clean our minds, and focus on thoughts that move us forward and not backwards. Normally Ayin Lamed Mem 4th God Name has someone who is hypersensitive. Thanks to this it has a channel of connection that is always open and very broad towards others, towards…

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Wonderful moments leave unforgettable memories


There are memories that suddenly upset the soul ripping a smile complicit, almost mocking, but above all therapeutic. Because in times of difficulty there is nothing more beautiful than to close the door of our memory and let ourselves be overwhelmed by the happiness of yesterday, and consequently, find the strength to face the present. It is often said that memory captures marvelous moments that no photograph would ever be able to capture. Because no electronic support is able to evoke odors, give goose bumps, let us taste the taste…

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Intuitive intelligence determines our lives


​​Intuitive Intelligence comes from Canadian sociologist Malcolm Gladwell, who started from the concept of “thin-slicing”. This sociologist argues that we can give meaning to situations based on truly ephemeral experiences. Therefore, we also have the ability to determine what is most important in a very short time, even in the blink of an eye. Intuitive Intelligence improves our decision-making ability to solve problems quickly. This is a countercurrent concept, because we have always thought that making good decisions is necessary to reflect carefully, not to hurry and to analyze the…

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Cruel individuals disguised as good people


There are cruel individuals disguised as good people. They are individuals who hurt, who attack through a Machiavellian emotional blackmail based on fear of aggression and guilt. They show admirable goodness behind which hide hidden interests and frustrations. It is often said that those who have been offended, in turn offend. These ideas do not have a true basis, and there is another aspect to consider and which we do not like to admit. Evil exists. Cruel people sometimes have certain biological characteristics that lead to aggressive behavior. The Argentinean …

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Sixth sense, the intuition that guides us


The sixth sense is the intuitive ability of the human being. It is that lucid inner voice that comes from the heart, but to which we often tend not to listen. Often, the ideas heard are more valuable than those thought, because they are the reflection of our authentic being. So the question is whether we can really rely on our sixth sense. The answer is very simple: you have to give it the value it deserves. We must bear in mind that we are not talking about extrasensory perceptions…

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Adam is perfect body, God is perfect mind


The Creation of Adam is probably the most famous and known scene of the entire fresco cycle of the Sistine Chapel. The attention of the viewer is concentrated on the hands placed at the center of the scene that do not touch each other, and thus make the idea of ​​God pure Spirit, which he creates with thought alone. God the Father accompanied by the breath of the divine Spirit is all stretched in the Creator act and his long arm attracts to him the young Adam who is lying…

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Sleep Paralysis, Agonizing but Harmless


Sleep Paralysis is an experience that usually causes a feeling of anguish. It occurs especially when we are falling asleep or waking up and making us unable to perform any movement or speaking, even if we are aware of what is happening around us. It is often accompanied by acoustic hallucinations, for example, to hear steps approaching us and the intense feeling that there is someone next to us. Although it is an unpleasant and distressing experience, it is actually totally harmless. It can also happen to anyone and is…

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Stupidity always sits in the front row


Stupidity always sits in the front row, so as to be seen and admired. While the most sensible intelligence keeps silent and observes from a discrete angle. Because ignorance and malice are like a kind of disease that never affects those who suffer, but the people around them. Who has never committed nonsense? They are actions in which the impulse has more weight than reflection and the desire has more than prudence. They are vital moments from which to learn something, and which sometimes are remembered evoking a crazy youth.…

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