Nanael Guardian Angel Born December 13 to 16


Nanael is the brightest Angel (along with Vehuel). According to tradition he allows to see God and to climb the 22 steps of Jacob’s staircase (in fact he is considered, among other things, also the angel that favors the study of the occult sciences), and gives the power to transfer to Earth heavenly order and perfection. Knowing the Truth that is up will give the opportunity to express in the bottom what is right, orienting the individual towards the judiciary and giving the talent and vocation to the professions related…

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Mebahiah Guardian Angel Born December 22 to 26


Mebahiah dominates morality and inspires an exemplary behavior. This Guardian Angel stimulates the exteriorization of the noblest thoughts of the individual, those he himself has elaborated. This means that the beauty of his thoughts will depend directly on the quality of his inner mental health. If his intellect were full of mediocre or terribly ambiguous content, the Angel would strive to achieve satisfactory results. But the one who fully entrusts himself to Mebahiah will express himself with grace and courtesy, and in the end will know to extract the most…

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Metatron Archangel Prince of Angels


Metatron Archangel sitting on top of the tree of life – is a key figure in the Kaballah, where is the throne of God. The historical sources place Metatron in a very high position in God’s hierarchy, where it is considered the Prince of Angels, He who opens the doors to the Mysteries of the Kingdom of God. He can be called the voice of God and His task is to bring God’s thoughts, making manifest, through sound waves. His name does not appear in the Bible, while present in…

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Intuitive Intelligence improves our decision-making ability


Intuitive Intelligence improves our decision-making ability to solve problems quickly. This is a concept that goes against the current, because we have always thought that to make good decisions it is necessary to think carefully, not be in a hurry and analyze the pros and cons of the situation. However, the truth is that in a society like ours, where there is an excess of information, having more data available is not always useful, but sometimes it can even confuse us or lead us to inertia. In fact, we all…

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Couple’s life love as symbiosis


The life of a couple requires a commitment to grow in their respective identities, because a symbiosis produces the death of a couple’s life. Nobody can grow choked by the embrace of others, no matter how beautiful it is. A symbiotic relationship transforms the life of a couple in a prison, in a golden cage. In reality, however much one may feel united with the partner, the fact remains that one is always profoundly different and that each individual’s individuality is like an acorn that wants to grow in order…

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Haziel Guardian Angel Born May 1 to 5


Haziel Guardian Angel was the birth angel of François Bernard Termés, a noted angelologist theologian who later signed all his books with this pseudonym. Termés-Haziel says that this angel is a kind of love machine. Haziel Guardian Angel incessantly emanates love and friendship, thanks to which we can love and make ourselves loved, and through whose guilt it is forgiven. Thanks to this gift, our Karma can be quickly renewed and lightened. When we pray and invoke Haziel, his energy can resolve anguished and disturbing events. Through the intercession of…

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Imamiah Guardian Angel Born December 8 to 12


Imamiah gives to the person a strong temperament and a spirit of forbearance in adversity; guide you to find your way all those who in good faith seek the truth. Imamiah Guardian Angel grants the pleasure of what is primordial, the yearning for what is divine; the desire to beautify the physical and the invisible world. It also works primarily on physical forms, giving beauty and charm, as gifts to guarantee grace and success. It gives the ability to draw on one’s liberation and effortlessly accomplish any kind of work,…

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Becoming a parent is a couple decision


Becoming a parent can be a natural or planned experience. In both cases, it is important for the couple to agree on decisions that will affect the child’s future. The desire to become a parent can happen at any time in life and the motivation can be many. Some may be valid others may seem quite superficial. The ideal would be for a child to come into the world as a couple decision. This will guarantee security and stability to the new human being; and also to the parents themselves.…

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Educating the child with threats is a mistake


Educating with threats is a mistake, for this reason there are effective techniques to make sure that children grow up healthy and emotionally balanced, without provoking fears in them. Making parents is a complicated job that requires considerable preparation. But there are many parents who base their education on threats. Very soon, however, the children realize that the parents most threaten, the less they maintain. This causes them to lose respect for authority. This is because threats are not actually real … they are difficult to apply and can hardly…

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Mebahel Angel 14 Qualities and Dark Angel


Mebahel Angel Qualities are honesty, justice, truth of heart, transparency; lightness, artistic sense, sense of humor. Mebahel Angel for protection and release of prisoners, liberation from all forms of oppression. Its influence also extends to the constraints that often hold the spirit of an individual prisoner: the help of Mebahel Angel can dissolve the tension due to complexes, obsessions and delusions. Tamiel is Dark Angel who contrasts Mebahel Angel. It represents injustice and imprisonment. It causes mental confusion, depressive, aggressive or self-injurious obsessions. Negatively dominates processes, causes lies, instability, deception,…

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The energy of others affects our mood


Humans absorb energy from each other. This explains why there are individuals who feel uncomfortable when they are in a certain group. This is the conclusion reached thanks to a study carried out at the University of Belfield, aimed at demonstrating that human beings are continually influenced by the energies of their surrounding environment. Our bodies are like sponges that absorb a part of what gravitates in the environment. Our body uses energy emanating from other organisms to fuel its emotional states. We all have close to us an individual…

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Gemini May Prediction 2018 Horoscope


Gemini May, the Sun, Mercury and Venus are in transit in your sign and provide the tools to solve the problems you have pending. This is a favorable time to take stock of what life has given you since your last birthday to today. Set goals and reflect on the changes you will need to make. You are in a favorable phase, therefore, let yourself be guided by your intuitions. There is a wise person inside of you, the difficult thing is to listen to it and let yourself be…

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