Lucid dreams solve the problems of everyday life


Lucid dreams we experience them when we sleep, but we know we are not real. Usually they are more frequent between 10 and 19 years and decrease as we become older. In fact, the elderly can rarely make these kinds of dreams. There are two different levels in which we can experience a lucid dream. In the first, we know that we are dreaming, but we can not identify what is happening. In the second, we are totally aware of the dream and we are even able to control it.…

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Intuitive intelligence determines our lives


​​Intuitive Intelligence comes from Canadian sociologist Malcolm Gladwell, who started from the concept of “thin-slicing”. This sociologist argues that we can give meaning to situations based on truly ephemeral experiences. Therefore, we also have the ability to determine what is most important in a very short time, even in the blink of an eye. Intuitive Intelligence improves our decision-making ability to solve problems quickly. This is a countercurrent concept, because we have always thought that making good decisions is necessary to reflect carefully, not to hurry and to analyze the…

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Prayer to achieve what you want


Prayer to achieve what you want. To you, Holy Guardian Angels that guide my steps and guard my life, I address my prayer.Prayer to achieve what you want. To you, Holy Guardian Angels that guide my steps and guard my life, I address my prayer. To you Angel’s that you know every my thought, that you weigh my suffering and my Joy, I ask to rush, to help me to realize how much I want (to express with simplicity and clarity what you want to obtain). I ask you Angel…

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Harahel Angel Meditation Prayer the umbilical cord


Harahel Angel Qualities intelligence sense of hierarchy and respect for superiors, goodness, lucidity in front of the money, pleasure to instruct others. The Angel of the Abyss contrary to Harahel Angel, called Halan and is the sterile action. It is the enemy of culture and causes destructive events or fatal for wealth. It causes unprofitable and vain activities, stiffness, fire, failure or depletion of assets. Prayer to Harahel Angel (or meditation on the respective name of God) defends those born in this period fall into these risks and defects, saving…

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Vehuel Angel Meditation Prayer happiness


Vehuel Angel meditation happiness, and helps to discern, and to know how to choose between momentary pleasure and lasting happiness. This process can go through phases of renunciation, whose real purpose is to bring us to understand the true needs of our soul. These needs remain hidden under the superficial drives, and tend towards the most ephemeral selfishness and fulfillment. The teaching of the Kabbalah linked to this meditation is that of the famous saying: attentive to what you desire …. you could get it. A warning that appeals to…

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Taurus July 2018 Angel Horoscope


Taurus July 2018 invites you to find the strength to be yourself. You should find the strength to understand that if you started a movement that is now proving to be a stasis, everything needs to be moved. Change again. Otherwise, you find yourself at the service of those who do not value your service. Your generosity often leads you to deal with giving too much to people who do not deserve this movement. You need to bring everything on a plan of utility and respect first of all for…

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Aries July 2018 Angel Horoscope


Aries July 2018 is a good month to return to pay attention to the small signs, the less visible ones. It is the case that you notice the sunsets. It is the case that you finally spend time, with someone who knows that time is worth and can be bright and splendid, even spent doing simple things ….. how to sing a song or take care of a vegetable garden. In general, if you really can not go to people like this, which for you may be very nutritious at…

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Umabel Meditation Prayer

Umabel Meditation Water. The Truth to be known, connected to this meditation, is that Water is not a trivial physical element, but it is the element that most of all connects all beings and offers purification and healing. On the physical plane, we must imagine water as a single element of which we are literally part (remember that the human body is made up primarily of water), and not only on the quantum plane, even if in our physical dimension the “parts” seem separated from each other. In reality they…

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Daily prayer to the Guardian Angel


Prayer to the guardian angel, Angel who guard me, give me the strength to realize my growth goals, give me the spirit of collaboration and service. It strengthens my will with your strength. Help me in everyday things, both material and spiritual. Develop in me your angelic qualities, who see my faults, and possess compassion and patience. Help me to control thoughts, desires, and actions. Support me on my way to life and protect me from the assaults of the Darkness. So be it. Morning Prayer My Guardian Angel, a…

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Nanael Guardian Angel Born December 13 to 16


Nanael is the brightest Angel (along with Vehuel). According to tradition he allows to see God and to climb the 22 steps of Jacob’s staircase (in fact he is considered, among other things, also the angel that favors the study of the occult sciences), and gives the power to transfer to Earth heavenly order and perfection. Knowing the Truth that is up will give the opportunity to express in the bottom what is right, orienting the individual towards the judiciary and giving the talent and vocation to the professions related…

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Mebahiah Guardian Angel Born December 22 to 26


Mebahiah dominates morality and inspires an exemplary behavior. This Guardian Angel stimulates the exteriorization of the noblest thoughts of the individual, those he himself has elaborated. This means that the beauty of his thoughts will depend directly on the quality of his inner mental health. If his intellect were full of mediocre or terribly ambiguous content, the Angel would strive to achieve satisfactory results. But the one who fully entrusts himself to Mebahiah will express himself with grace and courtesy, and in the end will know to extract the most…

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Metatron Archangel Prince of Angels


Metatron Archangel sitting on top of the tree of life – is a key figure in the Kaballah, where is the throne of God. The historical sources place Metatron in a very high position in God’s hierarchy, where it is considered the Prince of Angels, He who opens the doors to the Mysteries of the Kingdom of God. He can be called the voice of God and His task is to bring God’s thoughts, making manifest, through sound waves. His name does not appear in the Bible, while present in…

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