Nithael Guardian Angel Born December 17 to 21


Nithael dispenses the energies of Venus in the Venusian choir of the Principalities, Nithael Guardian Angel is therefore an angel bringing beauty, art and sensitivity. In fact, he dominates artistic and aesthetic talents; he is considered the angel who helps to perceive nobility of heart, and can also dispense a capacity for regeneration that helps to preserve youth in itself; gives center, ability to welcome others, helps to achieve celebrity and prestige. Nithael instills the beauty, the delicacy, the grace, the artistic sense and all the powers emanating from the…

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Nanael Guardian Angel Born December 13 to 16


Nanael is the brightest Angel (along with Vehuel). According to tradition he allows to see God and to climb the 22 steps of Jacob’s staircase (in fact he is considered, among other things, also the angel that favors the study of the occult sciences), and gives the power to transfer to Earth heavenly order and perfection. Knowing the Truth that is up will give the opportunity to express in the bottom what is right, orienting the individual towards the judiciary and giving the talent and vocation to the professions related…

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Intuition Angels help us to accumulate information


The Angels of intuition help us to accumulate information that we can then use in a beneficial way to grow and evolve. In an unconscious way we use intuition almost always as a way to know if something is right for us or to know if we are safe. We can awaken this quality through the awakening of consciousness and to take greater account of our inner voice. Intuition is our ability to have access to our inner perceptions. Its function is not rational, insofar as intuition comes from the…

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Angels of peace help to reconcile the adverse forces


The Angels of Peace channel the energy we need to resolve the conflicts in our lives. They help us to glimpse the compatibility that exists between our desires and the possibilities we have available, in order to live in harmony with ourselves, without frustration and remorse. They help us to accept ourselves and to progress towards inner peace, so that the life we ​​lead is in profound agreement with our internal rhythms and cycles. When we have come to get rid of our ancestral fears and the archaic reflexes of…

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Angels of knowledge, always indicate the best path


The Angels of knowledge are above the clouds of confusion and ignorance. They hold a crystal in their hands, a symbol of the knowledge of the truth. They spread the light of knowledge with love and help us to make the most inspired decisions. they bring in each of us the knowledge that guides us on our journey towards God. They help us find the right path, that which is most suitable for us and which brings us the greatest joy and happiness. The angels of knowledge teach us to…

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Angels of Compassion bring hope and help


The Angels of compassion are the intermediaries between God and men, intervene in our favor and obtain for us the Grace of divine compassion, when we suffer or when we feel abandoned by God. The angels of compassion bring hope and help to those who struggle, renew their faith in God and in his infinite goodness. They bring compassion into our lives and help us to understand that God’s love pours out on us at all times; to become aware of the fact that we are permanently protected and guided.…

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Eyael Angel 67 Healing Prayer


Angel 67 Eyael, Insomnia and Nightmares Healing Prayer. Angel 67, Eyael, God who protects against all adversity. Spread your sweet essence on my mind. Help me to express the spiritual gifts that the eternal has granted me. Grant me the rest that I do not find in my nights, broken by insomnia, gnawed by restlessness, by fear, by the torment accused of my mistakes. Mitigate the law, Lord, calm the agitation that stirs and suffocates my chest. Angel 67, Eyael spiritual companion bearer of graces. I ask you to act…

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Harahel Angel Qualities and Meditation Prayer


Harahel Angel Qualities are intelligence sense of hierarchy and respect for superiors, goodness, lucidity in front of the money, pleasure to instruct others. The Angel of the Abyss contrary to Harahel Angel, called Halan and is the sterile action. It is the enemy of culture and causes destructive events or fatal for wealth. It causes unprofitable and vain activities, stiffness, fire, failure or depletion of assets. Prayer to Harahel Angel (or meditation on the respective name of God) defends those born in this period fall into these risks and defects, saving…

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Lucid dreams solve the problems of everyday life


Lucid dreams we experience them when we sleep, but we know we are not real. Usually they are more frequent between 10 and 19 years and decrease as we become older. In fact, the elderly can rarely make these kinds of dreams. There are two different levels in which we can experience a lucid dream. In the first, we know that we are dreaming, but we can not identify what is happening. In the second, we are totally aware of the dream and we are even able to control it.…

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Intuitive intelligence determines our lives


​​Intuitive Intelligence comes from Canadian sociologist Malcolm Gladwell, who started from the concept of “thin-slicing”. This sociologist argues that we can give meaning to situations based on truly ephemeral experiences. Therefore, we also have the ability to determine what is most important in a very short time, even in the blink of an eye. Intuitive Intelligence improves our decision-making ability to solve problems quickly. This is a countercurrent concept, because we have always thought that making good decisions is necessary to reflect carefully, not to hurry and to analyze the…

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