Lack of passion and crisis in the couple relationship


Lack of passion in the couple is one of the main causes of dissatisfaction in the world of love relationships. Finding someone to stay with can be difficult, but it is even more difficult to maintain a healthy and lasting relationship. The lack of passion changes the relationship of a couple. The first important thing is to understand why the passion in the couple is born and which function. What is passion exactly Passion is considered a sentiment that leads us to experience attraction and excitement towards a person. It…

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Becoming a parent is a couple decision


Becoming a parent can be a natural or planned experience. In both cases, it is important for the couple to agree on decisions that will affect the child’s future. The desire to become a parent can happen at any time in life and the motivation can be many. Some may be valid others may seem quite superficial. The ideal would be for a child to come into the world as a couple decision. This will guarantee security and stability to the new human being; and also to the parents themselves.…

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Cancer May Prediction 2018 Horoscope


Cancer May 2018, the conjunction between Uranus and Jupiter in your ninth House, will channel life in a new way and give you opportunities for growth and expansion. It’s the right time to try to go beyond the normal limits. Do not underestimate yourself and do not doubt your ability to achieve what is actually within your reach. Cancer May 2018 Love Prediction Couples will enjoy this month of May remembering the beautiful moments. If there are any complications in your love relationship, try to make some extra effort to…

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Marriage and adultery, two sides of the same coin


Marriage and adultery have to do with our primary choices, with our deep desires, ultimately with what we care about most. But does adultery still exist? Does this term refer to a distant and bourgeois past still exist in the world of cohabitation, of the separations that increase, of the singles that become more and more and in the big cities overcome those who live in couples? Call it by another name, betrayal, promiscuity .. but adultery still exists, almost always exists where there is a marriage or a cohabitation,…

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Perfect affection, every exchange forms the couple


Perfect affection is possible and such perfection lies in tolerating defects, in living out of the ideal world, of giving oneself to the unconditioned end. It is not a half affection nor a dependent, aggressive, passive or victimistic affection. This certainly constitutes a great challenge. In many respects the conflict of the couple is based simply on different habits or priorities. In this sense, we must make an effort to make these distinctions reconcilable. In love we must speak as an equal. This means that we must become aware of the…

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Money and Love, high risk couple


Money can be an opportunity or a problem, even in the couple: to reconcile love and money, just follow a few simple rules. One of the most delicate areas, for almost all romantic relationships, is money management, so much so as to constitute one of the main causes of disagreement and frustration. In fact, the way in which the couple manages money is representative, at least in part, of the balance (or imbalance) in which it has fallen. Of course, feelings are not comparable to money, nor money can quantify…

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Couple communication determines understanding


Communication in couples determines the quality of the relationship, and also has an important impact on the quality of our life. Love is not just love, it is above all to understand. This understanding implies communication, and this is what is missing from most couples. The planet is populated by couples who have lost their space of understanding and who are seen trapped in a vicious circle of reproaches and negativity. This leads to paying too much attention to what is bothering us in the other, and to what we…

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2018 Capricorn January Horoscope


2018 Capricorn January, important planetary transits accompany Capricorn during the month of January 2018. The Sun, Venus, Saturn and Pluto have been moving from your beginning of the year to your zodiacal area; awaiting the arrival of Mercury on the 12th. All together these planets will guide you along a path of happiness and harmony. It is important that you manage your social situations with courtesy to caution. Sympathy and sagacity will be the pillars of your success. The final touch arrives on Wednesday 17, with the New Moon, this…

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Strengthening the couple in three privileged times


Strengthening the couple in three privileged times, small or big moments in two, which prove to be absolutely essential to maintain a stable and lasting couple relationship. After a few years of common life, the bitter observation often returns … we are lost. How to make the couple perennial and maintain a strong conjugal bond? Do not let your relationship stagnate or deteriorate, take care of your love. Take the metro, then work, then sleep, stay behind the children and social networks, you are a couple who no longer communicates. They…

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Routine is a necessary reference point in the couple


If for many couples the routine is synonymous with boredom and repetitive habits, in everyday life it is positive. It is a point of reference, it allows to build a shelter. It is also a real challenge over time, and reinforces, through this difficulty, the link between the spouses. Faithful to the commitment of marriage, the spouses have promised to make each other happy. As a pleasant routine, daily life in a couple must be punctuated with pleasure rituals for both. Accept the daily routine If we consider the routine…

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