Patience Angels help us find happiness in us


Patience Angels teach that patience is a divine blessing, which gives us an optimistic view of life. These heavenly angels fill our souls with the strength of patience. The spiritual gifts they offer help us find solutions to conflicts to find happiness in ourselves; to give us the energy needed to complete the hard-working plans and achieve exceptional results. The angels of patience are close to us in all difficult times and help us to maintain trust. In the fact that our entire existence gradually becomes as we desire, when…

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Caliel Angel Qualities and Meditation


Caliel Angel Qualities are rectitude and impartiality, integrity, clemency, reflection, honesty, ability to judge with discernment and generosity, ability to remain silent. The fallen angel against Caliel Angel: represents slander and injustice; it inspires cynicism, indifference, causes scandalous processes and animates those who try to entangle the processes and get rich at the expense of the client, who lives deceiving others. The person under the influence of Caliel really has to take flight from time to time, in all areas of life. It is not rare, therefore, that they have…

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Angels of wisdom guard the doors of Heaven


The angels of wisdom guard the doors of the Heaven of the Heavens, watching with the symbolic eye of omniscience. They let the beings who have revealed their true nature, the divine Self, pass through the heavenly worlds. They carry a candle in hand, symbol of divine knowledge. The angels of wisdom help us to discover and deepen in our being the state of wisdom. Wisdom presupposes a general conception, harmoniously integrated through intuition, on the world, on man, on his position in the universe and on the reality of…

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Angels of Compassion bring hope and help


The Angels of compassion are the intermediaries between God and men, intervene in our favor and obtain for us the Grace of divine compassion, when we suffer or when we feel abandoned by God. The angels of compassion bring hope and help to those who struggle, renew their faith in God and in his infinite goodness. They bring compassion into our lives and help us to understand that God’s love pours out on us at all times; to become aware of the fact that we are permanently protected and guided.…

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18th Name of God (Kaf Lamed Yud) God who answers


18th Name of God is the fruitfulness of the Word of God, the ability to succeed in placing the Word within space-time. Who has this characteristic has a fertile mind, the ability to construct images, to predict and understand future events, because this fruitfulness is born of the Word of God. The opposite of fertility is sterility, so if we subject our gifts to our ego , the result will be that we will become extremely sterile people. The experience that we will live in our life will be sterility.…

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Lelahel Angel 6 Healing Prayer


Angel 6 Lelahel presence that fertilizes existence. God Protector of Nature. Lord. Heavenly Father has poured into me your creative grace. Protect then, oh eternal, my processes of gestation. Angel 6 Lelahel Goblet of immaculate purity. I raise my forehead before you, and look; I raise my arms and hands; behold that my being is illuminated by your warm divine radiance. My whole body becomes Light; reflected light of your own essence. In me everything is life, a life that flows, mysterious, spontaneous from my womb. Lord, right now my…

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Eyael Angel Qualities and Meditation Prayer


Eyael Angel Qualities are the ability to find the good in everything, generosity of feelings, consolation, taste for elevation and spiritual evolution; wisdom, erudition, divine illumination, understanding of the unknown aspect of the Work of God, changes, longevity. Gagalim is the Angel of the abyss opposite to Eyael Angel; it represents the darkness and all the deceptions that come from the lack of light. It causes prejudice, cheating, deceptive vision, the spread of erroneous beliefs and erroneous systems in the spiritual and scientific fields. Eyael Angel exhorts to develop a…

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Nithael Angel Qualities and Meditation Prayer


Nithael Angel Qualities are respect for values, love for law and legality, gallantry, tenderness, religious sentiments, nobility of mind, sweetness, joy, stability, prestige, eloquence. Nithael Angel grants fame through his works, reputation in the scientific and art world, benevolence and favors granted by authoritative persons or by the authorities of the state. It also grants protection against dangers, divine help in difficulties and the ability to bring help to the suffering. Omet fallen angel is opposed to the works of Nithael. It represents the hatred of authority and its owner,…

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Gabriel Archangel Prince of the Angels


Gabriel Archangel is the guardian of our thoughts, words and actions, it is he who runs directly to our aid when we feel hurt, confused or agitated, failing to take the precautions that would be appropriate in these circumstances. Clarity, purity and sincerity are three virtues that are found in Gabriel Archangel. This powerful archangel, who guides the angels, helps us and envelops us with his light-filled being, supporting us when we have to repay old debts, including karmic debts. Alone, we often can not do it, but with the…

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Seraphim Angel’s Power of Abundance and Supremacy


Seraphim Angel’s globally govern all the forces of creation for the benefit of the inhabitants of the Earth. They represent the power of abundance and supremacy. They are the angels closest to God. They are the wisest and most responsible Angels. They have six wings. They surround the sacred throne of God. It is said that the songs of the Seraphim are songs of creation and celebration, the music of the spheres. They are the angels of love, of light and of fire. The people governed by the Seraphim Angels…

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