Gabriel Archangel Prince of the Angels


Gabriel Archangel is the guardian of our thoughts, words and actions, it is he who runs directly to our aid when we feel hurt, confused or agitated, failing to take the precautions that would be appropriate in these circumstances. Clarity, purity and sincerity are three virtues that are found in Gabriel Archangel. This powerful archangel, who guides the angels, helps us and envelops us with his light-filled being, supporting us when we have to repay old debts, including karmic debts. Alone, we often can not do it, but with the…

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Seraphim Angel’s Power of Abundance and Supremacy


Seraphim Angel’s globally govern all the forces of creation for the benefit of the inhabitants of the Earth. They represent the power of abundance and supremacy. They are the angels closest to God. They are the wisest and most responsible Angels. They have six wings. They surround the sacred throne of God. It is said that the songs of the Seraphim are songs of creation and celebration, the music of the spheres. They are the angels of love, of light and of fire. The people governed by the Seraphim Angels…

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Haaiah Guardian Angel Born July 28 to August 1


Haaiah is the 26th Breath of God and the second angelic ray in the Choir of the Dominions Angels, here administers the energies of Mars. Its element is Fire; has Zodiacal domination from the 5th to 10th grade of the Leo. Haahiah infuses the sense of the right and the desire to build; consequently, his natives will tend to work in the world of politics, exercising his influence in diplomacy and the elaboration of treaties and conventions; and they will have the particular power to realize, and to organize in their…

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January Guardian Angels, harmony and success aptitude


January Guardian Angels collectively inspire: harmony, aptitude to success, well-being, understanding ability, renewal capacity, transformation skills, self-knowledge, inclination to science, patience. Protection: from negative energies, explosions, fire, accidents. Favorite Activities: Business, Astrology, Astronomy, Commerce, Communication, Philosophy, Physics, Teaching, Mathematics, Medicine. Nemamiah – God Beloved – Archangels Choir- January 1 to 5 Prosperity and success. Know how to take the reins of situations and advise others. Predisposition to command or military life. Strong sense of justice. Yeialel – God Who Hears – Chorus of the Archangels – January 6 to 10…

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Angel Seheiah, Source of infinite Wisdom


Angel Seheiah, Source of infinite Wisdom, God showing the way to the forgiveness, Lord, You possess supreme intelligence and power over all secrets; You, that you reside in the most hidden and profound dwelling of the human heart, turn your sweet gaze to my eyes so tired for the rigor of existence on this earth human. Lord, the pain that my heart brings makes me look up at you. Stand up of me Your great mantle of grace and love, envelop me with Your Essence, and awaken it in me…

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Raphael Archangel Prayer,vision and healing


The powers of the Archangel Raphael are those of vision and healing. Its healing qualities are enclosed in the meaning of its name, which in Hebrew means God heals, highlighting the immediate ties with the thaumaturgical world. Raphael protects and supports various aspects of life by helping to develop specific qualities and offering advice and remedies to improve our health. It awakens those positive and curative principles we already possess within ourselves and brings harmony to the four spheres of existence – physical, emotional, psychic, and spiritual – restoring not…

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Sehaliah Angel 45 Healing Prayer


Sehaliah Angel God of Light, motor of the dormant wills. Lord who mobilize the divine action. Listen, Oh LORD, the faint beating of my heart. Renew mine blood, because this moment a new system of values ​​orients my life towards God. Sehaliah Angel, I followed wrong paths. Human pride had guided me in the lands of oblivion. I was great and powerful in material things, but how small my soul was! I impose silence on the voice that came out of my heart, a true and luminous voice. I made my…

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Habuhiah Guardian Angel Born February 25 to 29


Habuhiah allows you to create perfect works throughout our life on earth. The images he depicts in the interiority of the person push him to work, because only through effort will he succeed. Work must become a goal, a goal, and this will happen with great advantages. This abundance of economic, sentimental, spiritual results will be obtained in the type of activity that the person will have chosen and where the person will be, everything will become advantageous and fruitful especially in agriculture and animal breeding. When Habuhiah Guardian Angel…

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Yeialel Angel 58 Healing Prayer


Yeialel Angel God who protects during the battle. Lord, mine arm with your justice. My heart wants to be faithful to your intentions. Remove sadness and sorrow from me and others. Yeialel Angel I’m yours search from the eternity of my existences, to purify myself in diaphanous, in yours translucent, crystalline, transparent clarity. Sir, you hear the restless beat of the my heart disoriented, looking for your Cause. I can find you in Yeialel arms of victory that will bring me to a life in harmony with your Law. Today…

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Angels of the Miracle of Love


The Angels of the Miracle of Love help us live our ideal of love, to recognize this ideal when it appears in our life. Living fully the sublime desire for love of our soul, they draw us closer and closer to the divine spark in ourselves. The angels of the miracle of love help to rejoice and to recognize the love of God in that which surrounds us. For each of us, the proximity of the miracle of love is an experience of extraordinary intensity. Love manifests itself in thousands…

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Seraphim Choir First Angelic Hierarchy


The Seraphim Angels belong to the highest order of angels, assert the role of guardians of the throne of God and continually chant his prayers: – Holy, holy, holy is the Lord of hosts. The whole earth is full of its glory -. It is also said that they surround the throne of God, singing the music of the spheres and regulating the movement of heaven as it is commanded by God, and emanating such a powerful and brilliant light that no one, except divine eyes, can look at them.…

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Courage in the Christian tradition


In Christian spirituality and other spiritual traditions, Courage finds its place of honor alongside the other divine virtues, among the gifts and attributes essential for spiritual realization. Courage, audacity, rashness, and also knowing how to impose triumphantly on the evil, demonic, satanic or perverse aspects of being are the object of numerous researches and writings of saints and great Christian mystics. The Gospels and the Fathers of the Church often recall that the absence of fear, audacity and impetuous impetus are indispensable instruments for obtaining divine treasures. The Gospel of…

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