With the virtuous energy of humility man realizes himself


With the virtuous energy of humility man realizes himself, does not care about the judgment of others and his reputation, he does not need to make efforts to defend them and can thus free up energies for his projects. Since the projects of the Self are impersonal and directed towards the common good, humility is also situated in this current. It is a quality unrelated to what is done for personal and self-centered purposes, even if positive and constructive. The inferiority complex and narcissism are situations closely related and humility is…

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Dreamcatchers the legend of Asibikaashi


Dreamcatchers are powerful tools of the medicine of the shamans, whose origin dates back to the Native American tribes. Their ring represents the wheel of life, the network represents the dreams we weave during the time of dreams, the soul and the movement that we generate with our daily activities. And in the middle of the net there is emptiness, the creative spirit, the Great Mystery. According to tradition, these objects help us keep positive ideas and pleasant dreams close to us, as well as protecting those who own them.…

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Angels of help and dedication bring God’s blessing


The Angels of help and dedication bring God’s blessing to all those who have put their lives at the service of their fellows. They are represented holding a dove in their hands, a symbol of the permanent desire to help all beings. The angels of help are always next to all those who have profoundly understood the fundamental need of the human being to manifest altruism. All those who offer their services full of dedication, so that this planet becomes happier and their life better, are strongly impulsive and always…

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Archangel Sandalphon helps people who pray with faith


Archangel Sandalphon is considered (the twin brother) of the Archangel Metatron. In the Book of Zohar, he is intimately associated with the mysterious Kingdom of God. For this reason Archangel Sandalphon is sometimes called the Archangel of the Holy Spirit. And this is why it is said that he helps those who invoke him firmly and faithfully to integrate their soul, and if their soul is not awakened, it helps them to awaken it. After that it helps and urges to integrate their souls with divine powers and wonders, which…

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To know and cultivate gratitude


The person who is able to live gratitude every day appreciates life, which he feels as a gift and not as a burden, he understands that his life is made possible and simplified thanks to the efforts of others, he is grateful to his parents. Even when some adverse event happens, find reasons and values ​​that can justify it; he frequently experiences a sense of wonder and amazement for everything he never takes for granted. To thank is not something that has to do with inferiority, it does not confront…

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Angel Therapy and the qualities of every human being


Angel Therapy works according to the principle that everything is energy, both the matter that is a manifestation of our thoughts, and the emotions that vibrate at high or low frequency depending on the emotion and feeling more or less close to unconditional love. The fundamental principle of the High Frequency Energy of the Angels is to restore Unconditional Love for oneself, and consequently also for others. This leads to non-judgment, non-dependence and you stop having expectations and wanting to have control. Usually the Angels enter our lives when the…

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Each of us is perfect in the mind of God


Each of us is perfect in the mind of God, in the Bible it is written that the Divine Architect created man in his image and likeness. Being God pure spirit it is clear that the man God created is certainly not what we see but a spiritual man, a particle of consciousness in the cosmic mind of God. So, like everything that man created before he could to be realized must have been conceived and designed, so God has conceived each one of us and our project in His…

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72 Names of God, Our Angelic Names


The 72 Names of God in Christian Kabbalah give name to the 72 energies defined as guardian angels. Jewish Kabbalah derived all its teachings from the Torah and from the Zoahr, the Book of Splendor. The same origin also has the Christian Kabbalah which spread widely in the Renaissance, thanks also to the contribution of Pico della Mirandola. In the Book of Exodus, writing gives form to something unique, which is not repeated anywhere else in the Bible: 3 consecutive verses (Exodus 14, 19-21) are all formed by 72 letters…

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Pisces Sign Horoscope of February 2018


Pisces sign, a powerful planetary energy arrives, giving an extra dose of energy and an enormous sensitivity. You will have to dominate this force, because it will accentuate your characteristics that are already fluctuating. You will feel much more optimistic and you will have greater vitality. It is a special energy that will fill your life with joy, it will help you to communicate better, to be more receptive, to give and receive love. Pisces sign love February 2018 is more than excellent regarding your love life. In fact, it…

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Hahasiah Angel Qualities and Meditation


Qualities developed by Hahasiah Angel are wisdom and love for others. It grants an understanding of the principle of cause and effect that allows healing, radiant love, tolerance and trust. Dispense a noble and elevated soul towards the things of the Spirit; vocation for medicine and scientific research. Give protection from liars. Anyone born under Hahasiah Angel influence will love all the sciences, and will have a special interest in knowing the properties and attributes of animals, plants and minerals. It will be pure, creative, bringing your life in harmony, through…

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