Mikael Guardian Angel Born October 19 to 23


The inner order given by Mikael is the ability to find in itself a balance in which the most diverse elements of our essence coexist. Mikael brings in the energy of his own name the same values ​​of charisma and power. It grants men an understanding of the laws of the Cosmic Order and helps the person to place his conscience at the service of such laws; and since the energy of Saturn structures the Laws, with the help of his Angel the person can become a great legislator. According…

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Caliel Angel Qualities and Meditation


Caliel Angel Qualities are rectitude and impartiality, integrity, clemency, reflection, honesty, ability to judge with discernment and generosity, ability to remain silent. The fallen angel against Caliel Angel: represents slander and injustice; it inspires cynicism, indifference, causes scandalous processes and animates those who try to entangle the processes and get rich at the expense of the client, who lives deceiving others. The person under the influence of Caliel really has to take flight from time to time, in all areas of life. It is not rare, therefore, that they have…

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Aniel Guardian Angel Born September 24 to 28


Aniel strengthens in people the Will, represented by the energies of the Sun, making them determined, volitive and integral persons. The energy of Mars will manifest itself instead in the Conscience (governed by the Sun), eliminating the past errors and the evil that derives from it, giving the person a balanced character without aggression. Aniel is the angel called to make the Divine Design intelligible to us. However, it is impossible to learn anything without effort. The characteristic of Aniel, closely linked to the severity of the Archangel of his…

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Eyael Guardian Angel Born February 20 to 24


Eyael dominates every transformation process: changes, mutations, metamorphoses … in events, in personalities, in nature. Give love for solitude; wisdom and superior inspiration; particular artistic talents, especially related to painting and music, and also the ability to cook, to transform food. It inspires the study of the higher sciences and of universal history. With regard to our evolution, knowing how to transform means first of all discovering what in us the most disturbs or disturbs us, understanding it and accepting it. With acceptance there is the beginning of the transformation;…

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Haiaiel Guardian Angel Born March 11 to 15


Haiaiel gives foresight and even prophecy, understood as instruments for understanding and transforming evil. Haiaiel grants people a penetrating lucidity that allows them to immediately distinguish without failing, the Good from Evil, the True from False. They will thus be free and intelligent, active and committed people, who set their lives towards goals of liberation from conditioning and slavery. Among the main functions of Haiaiel there is also the brotherhood. He has the task of turning friends into brothers: Friend is the one who thinks like us, Brother is a…

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Hahasiah Angel Qualities and Meditation


Qualities developed by Hahasiah Angel are wisdom and love for others. It grants an understanding of the principle of cause and effect that allows healing, radiant love, tolerance and trust. Dispense a noble and elevated soul towards the things of the Spirit; vocation for medicine and scientific research. Give protection from liars. Anyone born under Hahasiah Angel influence will love all the sciences, and will have a special interest in knowing the properties and attributes of animals, plants and minerals. It will be pure, creative, bringing your life in harmony, through…

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Veuliah Guardian Angel Born October 24 to 28


Veuliah encourages the implementation of projects by granting spiritual material for those born under its influence to externalize what’s in their most sublime, leaving only the unspoken part of the darkest. With the help of the Angel of the person we will be mobilized and placed at the service of the Divine Work, in order to put into practice his higher principles, and continue on the right path, so having also overcome the conventional natural limits. The Traditional Text diche Veuliah that presides over the universal peace and grants to…

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Angels Choir make humanity evolve


Angels Choir are the Angels that God uses to perform miracles, making humanity evolve through life experiences. Archangel prince of the Angels Choir is Gabriel Archangel. Gabriel is the bearer of good news and promoter of change. Gabriel presides Heaven, sits on the left side of God. His moment is the end of the afternoon and is presented by the sound of the trumpets, which symbolizes the voice of God. The people whose Guardian Angels belong to this Choir, are emotional, alert , flexible and comprehensive. They are not liars,…

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Umabel Guardian Angel People Born January 21 to 25


Umabel Guardian Angel gives to the person born under his divine influence, particularly sensitive and empathic soul, therefore capable of empathizing with others by offering and receiving friendship. The person turning to Umabel Guardian Angel will get absolute clarity of conscience about how to act in the most functional way to the situation he is going through. The spiritual energy bestowed by Umabel makes us feel passionately loved by those who radiate it, they are intuitive people, generous and capable of disinterested and very effective interventions. But it will be…

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Eyael Angel 67 Healing Prayer


Angel 67 Eyael, Insomnia and Nightmares Healing Prayer. Angel 67, Eyael, God who protects against all adversity. Spread your sweet essence on my mind. Help me to express the spiritual gifts that the eternal has granted me. Grant me the rest that I do not find in my nights, broken by insomnia, gnawed by restlessness, by fear, by the torment accused of my mistakes. Mitigate the law, Lord, calm the agitation that stirs and suffocates my chest. Angel 67, Eyael spiritual companion bearer of graces. I ask you to act…

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