Seheiah Guardian Angel Born August 7 to 12


Seheiah Guardian Angel rules certain forces that come to help protect against all misfortunes related to the energies of Camael Archangel – Justice of God – that gives wisdom through experiences. Invoked in adversity, Seheiah prevents traumatic consequences by giving the joyful grace of Hesediel. According to Tradition, invoking Seheiah Guardian Angel, the person will be protected from accidents and brought to safety from eventual catastrophic events, and will come out unscathed from delicate situations. It will also sometimes be the providential person, who with his mere presence, can prevent…

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Imamiah Guardian Angel Born December 8 to 12


Imamiah gives to the person a strong temperament and a spirit of forbearance in adversity; guide you to find your way all those who in good faith seek the truth. Imamiah Guardian Angel grants the pleasure of what is primordial, the yearning for what is divine; the desire to beautify the physical and the invisible world. It also works primarily on physical forms, giving beauty and charm, as gifts to guarantee grace and success. It gives the ability to draw on one’s liberation and effortlessly accomplish any kind of work,…

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Fighting childhood anxiety with love


Childhood anxiety can be of different types and can have different causes. Getting to know them can help. People surrounding the child can be helpful in teaching how to channel their emotions. The different causes of child anxiety are due to the age of the child. However, common motivations that arise before adolescence can be presented. Physical or psychological abuse. Conflict between parents that causes stress. Abandonment by one of the parents. Traumatic events of any kind. Economic crisis in the family. Excessive responsibility for the age of the child.…

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The energy of others affects our mood


Humans absorb energy from each other. This explains why there are individuals who feel uncomfortable when they are in a certain group. This is the conclusion reached thanks to a study carried out at the University of Belfield, aimed at demonstrating that human beings are continually influenced by the energies of their surrounding environment. Our bodies are like sponges that absorb a part of what gravitates in the environment. Our body uses energy emanating from other organisms to fuel its emotional states. We all have close to us an individual…

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Learn to neutralize anger


Expressing anger is a way to free yourself and let off steam, but some people do everything possible to repress their feelings and so do not release the energy they have inside. When anger is not unleashed in a destructive way, it can be useful, since it helps to free up the accumulated energy, which could damage us over time. There is a clear difference between neutralizing anger and controlling it: trying to control anger increases the likelihood of losing control, since this arises from fear, which can give rise…

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Metatron Archangel special envoy of Divinity


Metatron Archangel is the special envoy of Divinity for all matters pertaining to our World: he determines the union between Desire and Reason, in order to project the abstract realities from the Supreme Worlds to the Lower Worlds. Metatron Archangel accords to our mentality and sensibility the power to clearly understand what exists in the Worlds of the Spirit in the form of possible creations, so that for us Creation becomes a coherent whole. Metatron Archangel can be defined as the Voice of God, and His task is to bring…

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Rehael Guardian Angel Born October 4 to 8


Rehael Guardian Angel heals the suffering of body and soul, transforming Evil into Good. He dominates on health and regeneration by conceding healing from mental illnesses and obtaining divine grace; it also has the specific power to nurture paternal love and filial correspondence. It particularly supports all those who announce the evils caused by the distance from the Divine Law. Those who decide to speak to help, correct mistakes, to push their fellow beings upon awakening, and why Good reigns on Earth. The dominant note of people born under the…

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Imaginary dangers, inexhaustible sources of fear


Imaginary dangers generate a physiological and psychic waste because of the unconscious associations that we reinforce if we realize them frequently. Explains the scientist Robert Sapolsky, it is curious to think that in animals the mechanisms of fear are activated only when the danger is real. All their circuits start to function only when their life is in danger. Just as imagination can activate these circuits, we must use the same imagination to interrupt them. If we are able to imagine all the negative things that can happen to us,…

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Intuition direct contact with the unconscious


Intuition is the function through which we perceive the possibilities, that is, in how many different ways you can do one thing. It is also a premonition that is the ability to guess in advance what is not yet visible, the future potential of a situation. The feeling perceives reality through the physical senses, intuition perceives via the unconscious. Intuition is in direct contact with the subconscious and the unconscious receives flashes of genius, suggestions, artistic ideas. Since the unconscious is where there is no time and space, captures aspects…

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Emotional caresses nourishment for the soul


The art of emotional caresses goes beyond simple physical contact. It involves caressing the soul with a look, talking tenderly to a child to tell him I’m proud of you, I consider you, I respect you and I love you, it is the music that gives energy to our emotional brain to learn to value each other. Eric Berme, founder of transactional analysis, has defined emotional caresses as a basic unit of recognition that aims above all else to offer incentives to individuals. It is a transaction, a wise exchange…

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Horoscope March 2018 Predictions


The month of March 2018 opens under the banner of the powerful energy of the signs of fire. Day 6 Venus and Mercury will transit in the sign of Aries, while Mars until day 16 will remain in Sagittarius. Aries is the first sign of the Zodiac and represents the vital impulse, the rebirth, the new beginnings; what had not yet manifested itself, this month will find its manifestation. Courage, resourcefulness, audacity will guide our actions. To obtain more satisfying results we will have to communicate in a clearer, more…

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Lack of self-confidence is an obstacle to dreams


Lack of self-confidence is an obstacle to dreams and is even more paralyzing than lack of talent. We can convince ourselves that we are not good enough or competent. With time, this belief classifies us and prevents us from trying new experiences. Self-confidence allows us to see everything we can do. Everyone, at least once in their life, we felt insecure, but mentally strong people know that we must always move forward. Self-confidence, recognize and accept your doubts The first step to recovering self-confidence is to accept your doubts. Do…

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