Veuliah Guardian Angel Born October 24 to 28


Veuliah encourages the implementation of projects by granting spiritual material for those born under its influence to externalize what’s in their most sublime, leaving only the unspoken part of the darkest. With the help of the Angel of the person we will be mobilized and placed at the service of the Divine Work, in order to put into practice his higher principles, and continue on the right path, so having also overcome the conventional natural limits. The Traditional Text diche Veuliah that presides over the universal peace and grants to…

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18th Name of God (Kaf Lamed Yud) God who answers


18th Name of God is the fruitfulness of the Word of God, the ability to succeed in placing the Word within space-time. Who has this characteristic has a fertile mind, the ability to construct images, to predict and understand future events, because this fruitfulness is born of the Word of God. The opposite of fertility is sterility, so if we subject our gifts to our ego , the result will be that we will become extremely sterile people. The experience that we will live in our life will be sterility.…

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71st Name of God (Hey Yud Yud) God, Lord of the Universe


71st Name of God, to understand this Name we need to understand what the prophecies are. The ability to be a prophet is not to see the future. The prophet is the one who receives information, often visions, which sometimes fully understands the meaning, sometimes only partially. Those who foresee the future on the basis of their own abilities, perhaps highly intuitive, are not prophets. The prophet is distinguished from the visionary, because the visionary lives life experiences that he can understand, and can transmit them, regardless of where these…

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Thought and the cage of the mind


Thought is not something we produce, but a – substance – in which we are immersed. It is our natural habitat, in which we act and create effects and responses. In fact – we elaborate – thought, we do not produce it. Thought is not part of us, it does not belong to us. We are used to identifying ourselves in our thoughts, but the truth is that we are only the channel through which they flow. Human beings participate in a multidimensional energy-thought ecosystem. Man receives thought elaborated by…

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Hey Kuf Mem 16th God Name, Angel Hekiamah


Hey Kuf Mem according to this Name, depression is the emotional state in which we fall as a result of a series of failures. Life continues to present new evidence, and every time it all ends in failure. At this point our ego, which has an infinite self-esteem, rebels, and falls into depression. This can manifest itself in many ways, but in any case we will always pour the blame and responsibility for what is happening outside of ourselves. For example, we will think that the whole world does not…

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Hey Resh Yod 15th God Name, Angel Hariel


Hey Resh Yod means opening our mind to a vision of the future not based on our instinct or on the needs of our ego, but based on the understanding of divine project. All of us are equipped with a kind of very thick tent that it normally prevents us from seeing the future. It is a mechanism of protection of our mind, not to go crazy. In fact, if we saw in advance the consequences of our working according to the will of our ego, the mind would enter…

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Yod Zayin Lamed 13th God Name, Angel Iezalel


Yod Zayin Lamed according to the meaning of this Name, the true Heaven can be found on this Earth, in every condition. If you are connected to Yod Zayin Lamed, our ability is to be able to understand the positive aspect of every human position. You can do this, in a vision as if you were climbing a mountain. As a result, the perception of all the things of this world was reduced. On the other hand, the view widens by looking at everything around it from above. In this…

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Mitzrael Guardian Angel Born January 16 to 20


Mitzrael dramatically accelerates the extrinsication of human intentions. It exerts an influence that makes people decisively direct to the goal, capable of immediate and effective practical achievements. The people who enjoy the spiritual influence of the Angel Mitzrael, becoming receptive to its energy, will also be able to establish good relations with others and to achieve lightning victories, which they will immediately forget for new initiatives. In fact, the liberating character of Mitzrael does not allow one to bind to a single project. The person tends to detach and retreat…

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Sachiel Archangel Luck Prayer


Sachiel Archangel bestows gifts following laws incomprehensible to us, but later precise limits placed by karma .The poverty or wealth is evidence from overcome and every living being is free to choose how. Sachiel is depicted with a cornucopia from which flows rose petals and gold coins. In fact it is the bearer of good fortune, abundance of wealth in all its aspects, in cash, in agricultural crops, the majesty of royalty, the pomp of temples and residences, prestige. His presence gives hope, health, helps fight depression, sadness, despair. We…

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Daniel Guardian Angel Born Nov. 28 to Dec. 2


Daniel is the 50th breath of God and the second angel ray in the Venusian Choir of the Principalities Angels, here administers the energies of Saturn. Fire dominant element; Zodiacal house from the 5th to the 10th degree of Sagittarius. Daniel stimulates love for the command in general. The person will be led to head, will be of high rank and rank. At the same time Daniel assures the sympathy of executives. As a result, its protected people will not find employment or access to positions of considerable responsibility. All that Daniel’s…

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