Gabriel Archangel Prince of the Angels


Gabriel Archangel is the guardian of our thoughts, words and actions, it is he who runs directly to our aid when we feel hurt, confused or agitated, failing to take the precautions that would be appropriate in these circumstances. Clarity, purity and sincerity are three virtues that are found in Gabriel Archangel. This powerful archangel, who guides the angels, helps us and envelops us with his light-filled being, supporting us when we have to repay old debts, including karmic debts. Alone, we often can not do it, but with the…

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Seraphim Angel’s Power of Abundance and Supremacy


Seraphim Angel’s globally govern all the forces of creation for the benefit of the inhabitants of the Earth. They represent the power of abundance and supremacy. They are the angels closest to God. They are the wisest and most responsible Angels. They have six wings. They surround the sacred throne of God. It is said that the songs of the Seraphim are songs of creation and celebration, the music of the spheres. They are the angels of love, of light and of fire. The people governed by the Seraphim Angels…

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Let it flow, do not anchor yourself to resentments and fears


Let it flow, do not anchor yourself to resentments, do not cling to fears or to those who just want to tarnish their wings. Because everything has its own time and new opportunities can come at any time, as long as the mind is kept calm, and the heart is active. Just for today, let everything flow without conditions. Just for today, you prevent the adversities from throwing you down, tearing away your hopes and the desire to live. Just for today, let go of all that troubles you with…

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Avoidance means escaping from unpleasant situations


Avoidance may seem to be the best defense mechanism, but it is particularly dangerous, especially over time. We have all lived through situations that have caused us such malaise as to lead us to desire only to run away. We will not only talk about the prejudices that derive from this way of dealing with things, but we will also see which behaviors can replace avoidance, whose only result is to remove the possibility of exposure to a situation that is perceived as unpleasant or even painful. What is avoidance…

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January Guardian Angels, harmony and success aptitude


January Guardian Angels collectively inspire: harmony, aptitude to success, well-being, understanding ability, renewal capacity, transformation skills, self-knowledge, inclination to science, patience. Protection: from negative energies, explosions, fire, accidents. Favorite Activities: Business, Astrology, Astronomy, Commerce, Communication, Philosophy, Physics, Teaching, Mathematics, Medicine. Nemamiah – God Beloved – Archangels Choir- January 1 to 5 Prosperity and success. Know how to take the reins of situations and advise others. Predisposition to command or military life. Strong sense of justice. Yeialel – God Who Hears – Chorus of the Archangels – January 6 to 10…

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Archangel Camael Rules the Month of April


Archangel Camael governs the month of April his name means (the right hand of God), or even (rigor of God), as it is the one who administers the Divine Justice and helps us in our will and success. Camael is represented by an Archangel with four immaculate white wings and an orange robe, a hand holding a sword in front of a blazing fire. With the Camael or Chamuel Help, in the core issues, we can assess what is the best way of life that allows you to harmonize his will with Divine Will, manifested through the…

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Lelahel Birth Angel Horoscope April 15 20


Lelahel Birth Angel has the multiply venusian power to embellish everything. Thanks to him, the person will be able to enhance his natural beauty, enjoy good health, be happy in love, make good business, undertake an artistic career successfully. Lelahel Birth Angel reveals to the person the most useful and fruitful way to use their own resources. His name means God worthy of praise and his essence is the Light (The eye of God. A beacon for the way to go, that which allows one to see to understand.) Who…

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Vasariah Meditation Prayer – Memories


Vasariah Meditation Prayer – Memories – helps to recognize similar situations that we have already faced by making mistakes, and paying the consequences, but which are recurring in different forms, difficult to connect, Vasariah therefore gives help in the face of the tendency to repeat the same mistakes, without learning from the circumstances of life that have already caused us suffering. The people influenced by Vasariah feel that it is too urgent and fundamental the task of moral guidance to which they must fulfill in order to feel alive. Equally…

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Vasariah Guardian Angel Born August 29 to September 2


Vasariah Guardian Angel dispenses the gift of Generosity, in the balance between Justice and Clemency. Vasariah transmits with force and vigor the energies of Jupiter (wealth, well-being, joy) in the interiority of the person born in this specific period (August 29 to September 2) and like all the angels who administer the lunar powers, it is the Guardian Angel closer to humans. By its very nature it manifests its influence with greater intensity, and can help us substantially. Since everyday exterior life is the concrete image of our inner reality,…

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Children with high sensitivity a gift difficult to manage


High sensitivity is a gift with which one must learn to live together; sometimes it is not easy, but life offers the eyes of these people a dimension that very few are able to capture. The life of a Highly Sensitive Child is not easy. Its integration into the school environment is usually complicated because of this sensitivity that his classmates and professors will notice immediately. He does not like surprises or changes, he prefers calm to movement, his level of maturity is so different from that of other children…

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Emotional exhaustion causes self-esteem problems


Emotional exhaustion causes important problems of self-esteem, mainly because the person feels that he has exceeded the limit and stops remembering his successes and having confidence in his abilities. It is possible for everyone to experience stressful situations, problems, excessive personal and professional demands. and if all this is prolonged in time, we can find ourselves emotionally exhausted. Emotional exhaustion is an experience in which the person feels that he has not enough capacity to deal with his daily routine psychologically: he has accumulated such a level of fatigue that…

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Emotional insecurity is the great enemy of progress


Living accompanied by emotional insecurity means loading a great weight. Doubting about everything and above all about ourselves is one of the great obstacles for our personal fulfillment. Living fearful, trustless and undecided is like trying to keep the balance on a loose rope on which we do acrobatics to avoid falling. It may be that this emotional insecurity has always accompanied us, that it is the result of an unhappy childhood marked by absence of a sense of protection and security. Or maybe it was built precisely for the…

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