Hariel Guardian Angel Born June 1 to 5


Hariel Guardian Angel gives the ability to see clearly, obtained after making themselves transparent. Hariel acts from interiority, directing the intellect of the person towards works based on Love, although exempt from sentimentality, logical and rational works capable of radiating comfort towards the world. Hariel Guardian Angel makes the intelligence bright and lively, giving clarity and thus promoting the logical path to success, moral and material. To get there you must avoid criticizing and ironic, to make love flow out of itself through the candor that makes everything beautiful, a…

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Hahaiah Guardian Angel Born May 16 to 20


Hahaiah Guardian Angel, thanks to the Love that emanates, provides an effective armor against any adversity and the ability to dissipate them. Give peace and protection to all those who feel persecuted. His help appears in the life of the person, to instantly resolve difficult situations, forcing them to ascertain their providential presence. Love will manifest itself, through favorable events or the powerful support of friendly people in dramatic moments, will come from heaven like a dream, like an unreal fact. Hahaiah Guardian Angel causes the person to release very…

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Iahhel Guardian Angel Born January 26 to 30


Iahhel Guardian Angel helps to acquire wisdom, protects philosophers and all those who want to retire to a contemplative life to follow contemplative and philosophical studies. This guardian angel simultaneously grants reason and sensation, something that can be expressed, in a practical intelligence placed at the service of Beauty, or capable of drawing fruit (ie joy or wealth, or both) from beauty, or from knowledge: for example, working with education, with art, music, or with nature. Moreover Iahhel Guardian Angel favors the satisfaction in solitude, but also the union. In…

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Eyael Guardian Angel Born February 20 to 24


Eyael Guardian Angel dominates every transformation process: changes, mutations, metamorphoses, in events, in personalities, in nature. Give love for solitude; wisdom and superior inspiration; also particular artistic talents, especially related to painting and music, and also an attitude to cooking, to the transformation of food. Eyael guardian angel inspires the study of the higher sciences and universal history. With regard to our evolution, knowing how to transform means first of all discovering what is most disturbing in us, understanding and accepting it. With acceptance there is the beginning of the…

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Raphael Archangel Messenger of Divine Providence


Raphael Archangel gives the gift of healing and indicates how to heal ourselves through love and joy; he allows us to find healing in nature and in universal energies. Raphael means divine healer or God heals. It is from him that every healing comes. Being the messenger of Divine Providence, it is always he who guides those who are searching for unity. He confers the essential and definitive healing of the evil of every kind, it is the return to the divine source. Raphael Archangel intervenes to save our body,…

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Hahasiah Guardian Angel Born December 3 to 7


Hahasiah Guardian Angel urges the person to externalize as if they were their own, the values ​​that the Angel instills … peace, harmony, convivial spirit, benevolent union among all, grace and universal brotherhood. And so here is the desire to carry out edifying and noble gestures, the aspiration to behave in a sublime way, susceptible of procuring admiration; therefore, he is often a difficult person to overcome, above all in moral principles. Love will be placed at the service of the Divine Design in its phase of externalization, the person…

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