Poyel Guardian Angel Born December 27 to 31


Poyel is considered the bearer of the gifts of Providence. It dominates on luck, hope and optimism. Poyel concretizes the energies of the Moon, the unconscious forces that form the images of our interiority, and is the most generous angel assigned to those who have deserved it by acting well in previous lives. He offers people the most precious gifts, bringing in themselves the energies of Venus (Beauty and Health), of Uranus (Love) and of Jupiter (Abundance and Power). All this is offered to these souls so that they can…

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Hahahiah Guardian Angel Born May 16 to 20


Hahahiah provides an effective armor against all adversity and the ability to dispel them, can give peace and protection to all those who feel persecuted. His help appears in the life of the person, to instantly resolve difficult situations, forcing them to ascertain their providential presence. Love will manifest itself, through favorable events or the powerful support of friendly people, in dramatic moments; it will come from heaven like a dream, like an unreal fact. Hahahiah means that very high existential principles are released from the individual. In his human…

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Prosperity Prayer to Guardian Angels


Prosperity Angels, bless me for my spiritual development and my material success to be truly aligned. May my work reflect my spiritual purpose, and my spiritual purpose will guide me to work in a prosperous and satisfying manner. That I attract the money I need to live with joy and abundance. Let it be guided by the opportunities of immense prosperity, to share it with the people I love. May I be guided by the Angels in all opportunities and with the help of the Angels I know will benefit…

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