Lack of passion and crisis in the couple relationship


Lack of passion in the couple is one of the main causes of dissatisfaction in the world of love relationships. Finding someone to stay with can be difficult, but it is even more difficult to maintain a healthy and lasting relationship. The lack of passion changes the relationship of a couple. The first important thing is to understand why the passion in the couple is born and which function. What is passion exactly Passion is considered a sentiment that leads us to experience attraction and excitement towards a person. It…

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January Guardian Angels, harmony and success aptitude


January Guardian Angels collectively inspire: harmony, aptitude to success, well-being, understanding ability, renewal capacity, transformation skills, self-knowledge, inclination to science, patience. Protection: from negative energies, explosions, fire, accidents. Favorite Activities: Business, Astrology, Astronomy, Commerce, Communication, Philosophy, Physics, Teaching, Mathematics, Medicine. Nemamiah – God Beloved – Archangels Choir- January 1 to 5 Prosperity and success. Know how to take the reins of situations and advise others. Predisposition to command or military life. Strong sense of justice. Yeialel – God Who Hears – Chorus of the Archangels – January 6 to 10…

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Unconscious narcissism transmitted by parents


Unconscious narcissism has always been present in the relationship between parents and children. Parents project on their children a strong impulse to love and live fully. But this enthusiasm is often influenced by their desires. This makes the parent-child relationship soaked with narcissism, it is not necessarily a narcissism based on self-centeredness, but on desires and expectations. Many (in the literary and scientific fields) questioned how children are influenced by their relationship with their parents. In literature it is difficult to find clear references to the narcissism present in the…

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Lecabel Guardian Angel Born August 23 to 28


Lecabel Guardian Angel grants the person the talent to succeed and make a fortune; it also generates scientists (Mercury) who will have ingenious and useful ideas (Jupiter). This is his way of creating connections to communicate the rules of the Upper World to the Lower World. Lecabel Guardian Angel is the energy that allows the understanding of his Laws, to induce men to act in harmony with them, because only in this way can we really succeed. Lecabel Guardian Angel attaches great importance to the formulation of the thought that…

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Haamiah Guardian Angel Born September 29 to Oct. 3


Haamiah protects the person from all forms of negative energy (including accidents), while on the collective level dominates all religious cults. His energy wisely doses the energies of Mars and those of Venus, which are thus vitalized from one another, and causes the beauty and harmony of the Upper World to descend towards our material world. In the days of Haamiah some eminent personalities were born, whose influence has been expressed in ways and directions that seem opposed. But that revolve around the same, eternal struggle between the forces of…

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Angel Seheiah, Source of infinite Wisdom


Angel Seheiah, Source of infinite Wisdom, God showing the way to the forgiveness, Lord, You possess supreme intelligence and power over all secrets; You, that you reside in the most hidden and profound dwelling of the human heart, turn your sweet gaze to my eyes so tired for the rigor of existence on this earth human. Lord, the pain that my heart brings makes me look up at you. Stand up of me Your great mantle of grace and love, envelop me with Your Essence, and awaken it in me…

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Yeialel Angel Meditation Prayer


Yeialel Angel, the first thing to do is to realize that unfortunately, it is in our profound nature to cling to pain and suffering, so much so that if we expect happiness or hope the first thing that comes to mind is …. too good to be true. But it is precisely this type of consciousness that prevents the joy of becoming reality in our lives, we can not achieve a satisfying tomorrow by clinging to an unhappy and cynical past … and there is nothing else to understand. Anyone born under…

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Cancer July 2018 Angel Horoscope


Cancer July 2018, Spiritual maturation lies in giving, sharing. Starting to give, listening to the heart also means knowing how to take action, one can not remain alone on an ideal side, also because people must also feel your practicality, which is very and often very special. Be careful not to download other parts of you that you no longer recognize as yours. Do not give in to old behavioral paradigms and keep up the desire to celebrate with those who love you. You should also accompany this ability to…

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Gemini July 2018 Angel Horoscope


Genici July 2018 is a period in which you intuit the change, which is then realized. Very often things are harmonics and these moments do not have too much distance between them. Buttiglione when there is too much time between intuition and the idea put into practice, disasters occur, or at the same time emotiveness and anxiety rise up. The point is that intuition should follow a decision and then a clear communication, but all these things are possible and correlated only if they start from a space of love…

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Raphael Archangel Prayer,vision and healing


The powers of the Archangel Raphael are those of vision and healing. Its healing qualities are enclosed in the meaning of its name, which in Hebrew means God heals, highlighting the immediate ties with the thaumaturgical world. Raphael protects and supports various aspects of life by helping to develop specific qualities and offering advice and remedies to improve our health. It awakens those positive and curative principles we already possess within ourselves and brings harmony to the four spheres of existence – physical, emotional, psychic, and spiritual – restoring not…

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Daily prayer to the Guardian Angel


Prayer to the guardian angel, Angel who guard me, give me the strength to realize my growth goals, give me the spirit of collaboration and service. It strengthens my will with your strength. Help me in everyday things, both material and spiritual. Develop in me your angelic qualities, who see my faults, and possess compassion and patience. Help me to control thoughts, desires, and actions. Support me on my way to life and protect me from the assaults of the Darkness. So be it. Morning Prayer My Guardian Angel, a…

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Rochel Guardian Angel Born March 1 to 5


Rochel gives its protected a marked clarity of thought, through which have a strong self-awareness. Faithful and honest have no problems in giving help when needed, usually their efforts in this regard are always rewarded. They have in most cases a considerable dialectic capacity in conversations, during which love to argue in detail their positions; for this reason they are naturally predisposed to work in the legal field, such as lawyers or notaries . Tradition says that Rochel is a carrier of immense clarity, which allows to regain what was once…

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