Spiritual retreats, benefits for body and soul


Spiritual retreats represent an occasion that is often unique for living a parenthesis distant from the technological digital interconnections. Because spirituality is not a passing fad. Although in diversified and varied forms spirituality finds room in the modern world, and spiritual retreats can attract many benefits for the well-being of body and soul. If you are already imagining the mystical silence between the four walls of a convent, know that it is not only this that is spoken today when referring to spiritual retreats. Alongside traditional Catholic initiatives, there are…

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New Age rebirth of faiths and religions


New Age the modern individual who suffers the charm of this current of thought is undoubtedly dissatisfied with the social and civil reality, and in general the Western life system which is quite devoid of values ​​and spirituality, and hence wants to get out of This awkward and hedonistic materialism that characterizes us globally; On the other hand, perhaps it needs to give greater enamel to traditional religions, for it is noticed that often the latter feed discourses of faith, but not great passions of faith The great religions some gave…

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Syncretism mixes religion and spiritual practices


Syncretism is a religious form that mixes doctrines, liturgies and spiritual practices of different origins. Syncretism means the integration or merging of doctrines of different origins into a new doctrine, both in the sphere of religious beliefs and in that of philosophical conceptions. More particularly, in the history of religions, Syncretism means the fusion of two or more religions, or even the partial contamination of one religion with elements of others. The term Syncretism, however, has spread in the modern era thanks above all to the New Age movement, which…

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