Lack of passion and crisis in the couple relationship


Lack of passion in the couple is one of the main causes of dissatisfaction in the world of love relationships. Finding someone to stay with can be difficult, but it is even more difficult to maintain a healthy and lasting relationship. The lack of passion changes the relationship of a couple. The first important thing is to understand why the passion in the couple is born and which function. What is passion exactly Passion is considered a sentiment that leads us to experience attraction and excitement towards a person. It…

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Couple’s life love as symbiosis


The life of a couple requires a commitment to grow in their respective identities, because a symbiosis produces the death of a couple’s life. Nobody can grow choked by the embrace of others, no matter how beautiful it is. A symbiotic relationship transforms the life of a couple in a prison, in a golden cage. In reality, however much one may feel united with the partner, the fact remains that one is always profoundly different and that each individual’s individuality is like an acorn that wants to grow in order…

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Sharing responsibilities is the key to living happily


I always knew that sharing responsibility is the key to living happily together. As a father, as a part of the family, and also as responsible for the mess of the house I wash the dishes, iron, change the diapers and cook. This for me means to be more man than those who consider these typically feminine activities. Although the times in which we live are different from the past, in many cases the reality has remained the same. The woman is the one who holds the reins, and the…

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Say goodbye to an incomplete relationship


Say goodbye to an incomplete relationship, even if we are afraid of loneliness, all of us, men and women, but do not forget that solitude is often necessary, it is also therapeutic. Being alone means being able to think about ourselves, what we want, what we dream and especially what we feel. Being alone does not mean being sad, it means enjoying the moment, the day, the months, the years, relaxing and living life. Loneliness is dignified, it takes us away from incomplete relationships that make us feel bad. Be…

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Leo May Prediction 2018 Horoscope


Leo May 2018, your social life continues to be intense and full of events, which will allow you to meet new people, but you must not trust all those you know because not everyone will be good. On the other hand, those who will give you support and joys are your usual friends. Leo May 2018 Love Prediction Everything seems favorable, you are surrounded by loving, romantic and creative planets, like Neptune, Venus and the Sun, so there will be joy, strength and vitality. This is a magical moment for…

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Gemini May Prediction 2018 Horoscope


Gemini May, the Sun, Mercury and Venus are in transit in your sign and provide the tools to solve the problems you have pending. This is a favorable time to take stock of what life has given you since your last birthday to today. Set goals and reflect on the changes you will need to make. You are in a favorable phase, therefore, let yourself be guided by your intuitions. There is a wise person inside of you, the difficult thing is to listen to it and let yourself be…

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Emotional dependency, hides an extreme fear


Emotional dependency is a complex condition. Generally it does not obey only one factor, but different elements are necessary for it to appear and be maintained. In many cases, moreover, it is not a conscious reality, the person believes that the problems deriving from his emotional dependency have a distinct and often external origin. The emotional dependency conceals an extreme fear, as well as different fantasies about their abilities and the place that deals in the world. The person feels, without any proof, that if they break or they fail…

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Relationship anarchy and couple relationships


By Relationship anarchy we mean a current of thought that proposes the creation and maintenance of bonds without labels or pre-established hierarchies. This form of anarchy tries to abandon the intimate relationships born of ideas, compromises or conventional traditions. The commitment that derives from it, getting rid of what is decided or instituted. This approach seeks to establish relationships that go beyond the established categories and that are based only on an agreement tacitly signed by the members of the couple. Relationship anarchists follow a style of life unrelated to…

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Inner peace, simple steps to reach it


Inner peace, simple steps to reach it . We live in a world where we are not quiet even for a moment. We have every kind of worry during the day, which does nothing but suffocate our mind, social life, partner, friends … We want to devote ourselves to all these aspects of our lives with maximum efficiency, but we do not have enough time or money so we do not deal with it as we would like and we do not reach inner peace. All this means that from…

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Pisces Prediction Horoscope 2018 April


Pisces Prediction April 2018, the sextile of Venus in Taurus with Neptune in orbit in your constellation, indicates that love adventures will abound. Relations random you can form and dissolve, some leading to long-lasting friendships, others simply ephemeral like ships passing in the night. Love Pisces Prediction If you are married or in a sentimental relationship already started, you will find that minor injuries will have a great ability to heal quickly and will be able to create more strength within the couple. The horoscope advises to pay attention to…

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