Umabel Meditation Prayer

Umabel Meditation Water. The Truth to be known, connected to this meditation, is that Water is not a trivial physical element, but it is the element that most of all connects all beings and offers purification and healing. On the physical plane, we must imagine water as a single element of which we are literally part (remember that the human body is made up primarily of water), and not only on the quantum plane, even if in our physical dimension the “parts” seem separated from each other. In reality they…

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Angels of help and dedication bring God’s blessing


The Angels of help and dedication bring God’s blessing to all those who have put their lives at the service of their fellows. They are represented holding a dove in their hands, a symbol of the permanent desire to help all beings. The angels of help are always next to all those who have profoundly understood the fundamental need of the human being to manifest altruism. All those who offer their services full of dedication, so that this planet becomes happier and their life better, are strongly impulsive and always…

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Aquarius 2018 January Horoscope


Aquarius 2018 January Horoscope, many planets at your side will offer you the security and self-esteem necessary to continue safe on your goals. The horoscope suggests that you concentrate on creating new businesses, as there are good opportunities to develop your leadership skills. Be the protagonists of change and you will achieve great success, whatever your business. In this period you will feel a great need to share moments of joy and happiness with your partner. Aquarius 2018 January Love Many astrologers are of the idea that Aquarius can not…

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2018 Libra January Career Horoscope Love


2018 Libra January begins under the best auspices for the natives of the Libra sign. Many of you will worry about improving your image, changing your hairstyle and a different style in dressing, attending gyms or beauty centers. Everything you do will give you good results, as this is the right time to deal with your outward appearance. 2018 Libra January Love There are two different planets, with opposing energies between them, that are moving, influencing your life as a couple. Venus offers the power to fall in love and…

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Archangel Jophiel May Protector


Archangel Jophiel rules the month of May, its name means (Beauty of God) is the Archangel who gives light through His angels, is the One who manifests the Angelic signs and coincidences. Archangel Jophiel is widely known as the (Master of Magic, the Light of Knowledge). He has the duty to instruct the Angels who then become our Guardian Angels. In collaboration with His angels he teaches with love, to our dead like (and want) to reincarnate; It will explain to them what were their errors during the Earthly Life. Angels who…

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2018 Horoscope authenticity renewal change


2018 horoscope proposes important changes on a personal and world level. Some keywords for 2018: intensity, authenticity, renewal, change. On October 10, Jupiter, the planet associated with expansion and opening towards wider horizons, entered Scorpio, the sign associated with power, death and rebirth. The planet will express its energy through magnetism, loss, regeneration, scientific research, and the discovery of all that lies behind the appearance. Jupiter is linked to sight, and will bring to light everything that is toxic and rotten behind the appearance in our society. Many secrets will be…

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Aquarius 2017 December Horoscope Predictions


Aquarius 2017 December, your days are colored with a romantic and adventurous spirit. Express your emotions and let others know your true self. Aquarius is usually a person who does not want to have thoughts, which is why you sometimes give preference to logic. There will be positive results during December, and will prove to be the best end of this year’s 2017. The horoscope ensures that regular practice of Yoga exercises will be a great remedy to keep your mind under control. In love, the planet of beauty will…

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