Evolution of love in the couple variable but solid


Evolution of love within the couple, according to the anthropologist Helen Fisher, people are born to love. In a more or less correct way, this feeling both intense and complex is also the source of our existence. Our creativity and many concerns depend on love. Knowing the evolution of love within the couple will allow us to deepen even our own essence. If we affirm right now that “love is everything”, many may be skeptical. Culturally we are cynical towards this idea. From a biological and anthropological point of view,…

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Becoming a parent is a couple decision


Becoming a parent can be a natural or planned experience. In both cases, it is important for the couple to agree on decisions that will affect the child’s future. The desire to become a parent can happen at any time in life and the motivation can be many. Some may be valid others may seem quite superficial. The ideal would be for a child to come into the world as a couple decision. This will guarantee security and stability to the new human being; and also to the parents themselves.…

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Leo May Prediction 2018 Horoscope


Leo May 2018, your social life continues to be intense and full of events, which will allow you to meet new people, but you must not trust all those you know because not everyone will be good. On the other hand, those who will give you support and joys are your usual friends. Leo May 2018 Love Prediction Everything seems favorable, you are surrounded by loving, romantic and creative planets, like Neptune, Venus and the Sun, so there will be joy, strength and vitality. This is a magical moment for…

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Cancer May Prediction 2018 Horoscope


Cancer May 2018, the conjunction between Uranus and Jupiter in your ninth House, will channel life in a new way and give you opportunities for growth and expansion. It’s the right time to try to go beyond the normal limits. Do not underestimate yourself and do not doubt your ability to achieve what is actually within your reach. Cancer May 2018 Love Prediction Couples will enjoy this month of May remembering the beautiful moments. If there are any complications in your love relationship, try to make some extra effort to…

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Gemini May Prediction 2018 Horoscope


Gemini May, the Sun, Mercury and Venus are in transit in your sign and provide the tools to solve the problems you have pending. This is a favorable time to take stock of what life has given you since your last birthday to today. Set goals and reflect on the changes you will need to make. You are in a favorable phase, therefore, let yourself be guided by your intuitions. There is a wise person inside of you, the difficult thing is to listen to it and let yourself be…

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Learn to develop intuitive intelligence


Learn to develop intuitive intelligence is important nowadays, more than it has been in the past. In fact, intuitive intelligence is the only real resource capable of really improving our lives. According to a recent study, every day we are hit by a tsunami of information that amounts to more than 174 data-intensive journals, or about five times the amount of information we were exposed to 20 years ago. This flood of data includes innumerable opinions of experts, gurus and guides who tell us what we should do to live…

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When a love story ends it’s never easy


When a love story ends it is hardly ever a walk, usually who has left it better than who was left. But it is often faced with that feeling of loneliness and having lost time, typical of the elaboration of a separation. The displeasure for the other is present, if the relationship has been significant, but manageable, when the other accepts the closure without excessive repercussions. If left alone, pain, anger, and rancor can be more difficult to contain. Elaborating an end to the relationship is not obvious, but what…

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Romantic Love Myths and paradoxes


When we talk about romantic love, we usually think of it as a dimension where everything is wonderful. We refer to the benefits of married life and the importance of having a partner able to love and understand each other deeply. Love undoubtedly has positive effects on the personal and social life of each of us, but it is equally true that an intense relationship can bring with it a series of negative effects. In reality, romantic love is often experienced by renouncing other close bonds (not necessarily loving) and…

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Intelligence is perhaps a matter of specialization


The intelligence may perhaps be cultivated through any form of specialization. This is precisely what is happening. The priest, the doctor, the engineer, the industrialist, the businessman, the professor – by now we are used to thinking in terms of specialization. To realize the highest form of intelligence – which is the truth, which is God, which can not be described – we believe we have to specialize. We study, grope, we seek; and with the mentality of the specialist or taking the specialist as a model, we study ourselves…

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How we are aware of our relationship with life


How we are aware of anything. First of all, we are aware of an answer to a stimulus. This is evident, if I see something beautiful and there is a reaction – feeling, contact, identification and desire, this is the usual process. We can observe what actually happens without having studied any book. Through identification, pleasure and pain are felt. And our being able consists in the pursuit of pleasure and in avoiding pain. If something interests us if it gives us pleasure, immediately there is capacity, there is an…

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An angel is a pure spirit is a creature of God


An angel is a creature of God. He is a pure spirit like God is, and one can not deify. It is a being with intelligence and will without a body, without any dependence on matter. By their nature, angels are superior to all other creatures in intellect and will. Our Guardian Angel understands things differently from us, and captures the total and complete truth of a matter, seeing the principle and all the consequences and aspects at the same time. The Angels are not omnipotent like God, and their…

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Avarice causes a deep wound in the soul


Avarice is synonymous with stinginess and greed. It is such an important vice that it contends the primacy to pride or supports it. There is no kind of sin that in some cases does not come from pride and that in other cases does not come from greed. The miser is dominated by the money that enslaves him and leads him to use any means to fill his greed. It is from greed that betrayals, frauds, deception, perjury, restlessness, violence and hardness of heart are born, therefore avarice is the…

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