Resilience. is a hidden resource of our psyche


Resilience. is associated with perseverance, creativity, empathy and positive thinking and is based on the premise that everything is needed. Everything is needed, everything contains a precious message, everything represents an evolutionary possibility, even if in the emergence of suffering it is difficult to identify it. Resilient individuals are actively confronted with reality: they invent it, construct it, adapt it to itself, and among the multiple meanings of events, they always select the most positive one. Resilience. is not a genetic characteristic, but an opportunity that all human beings can…

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Resilient couples common traits


The habits of resilient couples make the difference. The thing that often differentiates stronger couples from weaker couples is resilience, which is the ability to recover from a complicated situation. Below, some relationship experts reveal the common traits of resilient couples. Resilient couples do not discharge responsibilities on the other It is easy to blame each other when the relationship touches the bottom. But unloading the blame leads, almost always, to a counterattack, which will eventually lead to nothing. Resilient couples, they look inside when things are not going well…

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Resilient habits of couples who make a difference


Resilient couples share their emotions without fear of expressing vulnerabilities. Trusts fear and hope, and they respond compassionately to the revelations of the other. Especially when they are under stress, couples must talk openly and rely on the other. Resilient couples use words, not clairvoyance, pose that extra question that can clarify what the partner is saying, rather than make suppositions. Often, quarrels and wounded feelings are the result of misunderstandings of others’ words, and hold back their reaction momentarily to say simply (sorry, I do not think I can…

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