Gemini May Prediction 2018 Horoscope


Gemini May, the Sun, Mercury and Venus are in transit in your sign and provide the tools to solve the problems you have pending. This is a favorable time to take stock of what life has given you since your last birthday to today. Set goals and reflect on the changes you will need to make. You are in a favorable phase, therefore, let yourself be guided by your intuitions. There is a wise person inside of you, the difficult thing is to listen to it and let yourself be…

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Without enthusiasm one can not go far


If we think of enthusiasm, positive things come to mind to define it. So we usually associate it with positive values. It helps us to seek change and improve as people. Enthusiasm makes us grow and increases our quality of life, it is of great motivation to do what makes us feel good. This sentiment motivates us to resort to the means necessary to achieve the objective underlying it. It is an initial hope, fueled by the idea or by the presentiment of having found something positive. What does it…

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Holy Shroud, a labile and evanescent image


Holy Shroud, a labile and evanescent image. If you place yourself in front of it at a distance of less than 3 meters, this disappears, assimilated by the background color of the cloth. It is brown in color, made up of the oxidation of the superficial fibrils of the flax fibers. It appears as the complete, dorsal and frontal impression left by a deceased man through the torture of the cross. Without any doubt this is the fundamental part of the entire Shroud. Even more evident than the image are…

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Pisces Prediction Horoscope 2018 April


Pisces Prediction April 2018, the sextile of Venus in Taurus with Neptune in orbit in your constellation, indicates that love adventures will abound. Relations random you can form and dissolve, some leading to long-lasting friendships, others simply ephemeral like ships passing in the night. Love Pisces Prediction If you are married or in a sentimental relationship already started, you will find that minor injuries will have a great ability to heal quickly and will be able to create more strength within the couple. The horoscope advises to pay attention to…

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Horoscope March 2018 Predictions


The month of March 2018 opens under the banner of the powerful energy of the signs of fire. Day 6 Venus and Mercury will transit in the sign of Aries, while Mars until day 16 will remain in Sagittarius. Aries is the first sign of the Zodiac and represents the vital impulse, the rebirth, the new beginnings; what had not yet manifested itself, this month will find its manifestation. Courage, resourcefulness, audacity will guide our actions. To obtain more satisfying results we will have to communicate in a clearer, more…

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Become the best ally of yourself


Being our best ally of yourself means being well disposed and having a good attitude towards ourselves, accepting and respecting ourselves. Understanding that nobody is immune from mistakes. It is precisely the errors that almost always allow us to gain experience and move forward. To torment us is a childish way of facing our mistakes. It damages us and does not bring us anything. If we can not even count on ourselves, we can hardly count on someone else. To face the difficult path of life, we need allies. To…

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2018 February Horoscope, need more tenderness


2018 February Horoscope, day 10 Venus enters the sign of Pisces, and in love we will feel the need for greater tenderness, confirmation, emotional closeness. It is a Venus that makes us more compassionate, empathetic and sensitive to the call of love. Generally Venus in Pisces tends to fall madly in love, and often the wrong person! These are days when we will feel the need for something more, and we will be moved by the search for the extraordinary. On 22 February, Venus will join Neptune and falling in…

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Pisces Sign Horoscope of February 2018


Pisces sign, a powerful planetary energy arrives, giving an extra dose of energy and an enormous sensitivity. You will have to dominate this force, because it will accentuate your characteristics that are already fluctuating. You will feel much more optimistic and you will have greater vitality. It is a special energy that will fill your life with joy, it will help you to communicate better, to be more receptive, to give and receive love. Pisces sign love February 2018 is more than excellent regarding your love life. In fact, it…

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Superstition is a belief of an irrational nature


Superstition is a belief of irrational nature that can affect the thought and the conduct of life of the people who make it their own. Generally it takes the form of convincing that future events can be influenced by particular behaviors, without being demonstrated or even reasonably to infer a causal relationship. Superstition – here is a list of the most common Lighting more cigarettes with a single match causes the death of the younger than the group. This belief originated during the First World War, when in the trenches…

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Taurus January Horoscope 2018 stars in alignment


Taurus January remembers that you born in the sign of Taurus are people full of life. Take care of yourself and think positive, because with the great skills you have, you will achieve many of your goals. But you must always be focused and remain calm and confident. Another aspect to consider is that you need to be flexible when you receive advice. Remember that humility and friendship are important factors if you want to achieve success at work and financial stability.┬áLove could show itself anytime and anywhere, without warning.…

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