Aniel Guardian Angel Born September 24 to 28


Aniel strengthens in people the Will, represented by the energies of the Sun, making them determined, volitive and integral persons. The energy of Mars will manifest itself instead in the Conscience (governed by the Sun), eliminating the past errors and the evil that derives from it, giving the person a balanced character without aggression. Aniel is the angel called to make the Divine Design intelligible to us. However, it is impossible to learn anything without effort. The characteristic of Aniel, closely linked to the severity of the Archangel of his…

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Mebahel Guardian Angel Born May 26 to 31


Mebahel returns the lost hopes. He teaches us to love all things of creation, even the smaller and to rejoice in their beauty. He puts humans in touch with all that is high, and grants to learn to be just. It also gives access to material wealth while maintaining a sense of spirituality . Born under this influence will encoders dreams aware of the material and spiritual laws, the practice no utopia. Always the bearer of good news, will be a magnificent disinterested defender of innocent people. His ego and the strong presence of…

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Frustration, how to resume life in your hands


Frustration and discomfort are caused by the lack of satisfaction of a need, or a goal. Let’s not stop at anger and disappointment, but let’s go over looking for the right way to move forward. In psychology, frustration is identified as that experience that is generated every time we see a need, a desire, a dream, an expectation and a goal to vanish into nothingness and to fail. This is what is felt when the pleasure expected from the satisfaction of what is desired or for which one has worked…

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Self-awareness helps to control our emotions


Self-awareness helps to control our emotions. In fact, when you are aware that something is wrong, you are already solving the problem and you have already eliminated many doubts about the actions to be taken. From a scientific point of view, self-awareness works because it activates the neurocortex, or our thinking brain. That part of us that analyzes things for what they are and judges them rationally. Precisely for this reason, self-awareness also increases confidence. The main characteristic of self-awareness is the ability not to take oneself seriously. To laugh…

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Father’s love heals all the suffering


Father’s love heals everything. When a father embraces his children consoles them, relieves their fears, makes them happy. The arms of the father become a privileged place where the children feel protected and comforted by his powerful heartbeats. Jean Jacques Rousseau said that a good father is worth more than a hundred masters. In fact, no one leaves a footprint so marked in memory as that of his father. No one better than his father can teach to overcome the obstacles of life with courage and security. Education does not…

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The magic words, thank you sorry please


The daily use of magic words makes cohabitation more positive and helps to form pleasant and lovable people. Lead the children at every stage of their growth and they will become respectful people. The magic words are part of that set that defines a good education and good models. This is why teaching them to their children will make them respectful and worthy of admiration. However, the company requires great dedication. Without a doubt to be heard thank you, good morning, I’m sorry, please, by a person completely change the…

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Becoming a parent is a couple decision


Becoming a parent can be a natural or planned experience. In both cases, it is important for the couple to agree on decisions that will affect the child’s future. The desire to become a parent can happen at any time in life and the motivation can be many. Some may be valid others may seem quite superficial. The ideal would be for a child to come into the world as a couple decision. This will guarantee security and stability to the new human being; and also to the parents themselves.…

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The talents of our children are natural goods


Almost all children have absolutely unique talents. For this reason, the task of parents is to promote talents motivating them to develop natural abilities from pre-school age. It is only a matter of carefully observing the child, to be able to understand what is drawing his attention and in what he proves to be more skilled. Caution. Avoid putting pressure on it: just show yourself proud of its little success. The common denominator of parents consists in committing the gross mistake of requiring children to stand out in the discipline…

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Mulan, a great current example for women


Mulan is the title of a Disney feature film of 1998, inspired by the Chinese legend of Hua Mulan. It has achieved remarkable success and over time has become a classic among animated films. Fa Mulan is the only daughter of Fa Zhou, an elderly sick warrior. The girl must be examined to honor her family in the only way a woman can do it in the Chinese society of the time, to marry a man of good family. The values ​​of the family and the role of women as…

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Spending time in solitude to listen to yourself


Spending time in solitude allows you to think of multiple projects. Are you among those who think that only good ideas are born when working in a group? This is not necessarily true. When one is alone, one has the possibility to imagine in complete freedom. There is no one to tell you that what you dream is impossible, so start thinking about how to make it happen. Perhaps you believe that it is impossible to create a really interesting project on your own. But think of the great inventors…

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Cancer May Prediction 2018 Horoscope


Cancer May 2018, the conjunction between Uranus and Jupiter in your ninth House, will channel life in a new way and give you opportunities for growth and expansion. It’s the right time to try to go beyond the normal limits. Do not underestimate yourself and do not doubt your ability to achieve what is actually within your reach. Cancer May 2018 Love Prediction Couples will enjoy this month of May remembering the beautiful moments. If there are any complications in your love relationship, try to make some extra effort to…

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Gemini May Prediction 2018 Horoscope


Gemini May, the Sun, Mercury and Venus are in transit in your sign and provide the tools to solve the problems you have pending. This is a favorable time to take stock of what life has given you since your last birthday to today. Set goals and reflect on the changes you will need to make. You are in a favorable phase, therefore, let yourself be guided by your intuitions. There is a wise person inside of you, the difficult thing is to listen to it and let yourself be…

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