Nithael Guardian Angel Born December 17 to 21


Nithael dispenses the energies of Venus in the Venusian choir of the Principalities, Nithael Guardian Angel is therefore an angel bringing beauty, art and sensitivity. In fact, he dominates artistic and aesthetic talents; he is considered the angel who helps to perceive nobility of heart, and can also dispense a capacity for regeneration that helps to preserve youth in itself; gives center, ability to welcome others, helps to achieve celebrity and prestige. Nithael instills the beauty, the delicacy, the grace, the artistic sense and all the powers emanating from the…

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Lelahel Guardian Angel Born April 15 to 20


Lelahel reveals to the person the most fruitful way to use their own resources; but at the same time it makes us aware of the existence of these resources and of how to access them. In this way it gives the power to put great opportunities to good use. Moreover, since Lelahel has the Venusian power to embellish everything, thanks to him, the person can enhance his natural beauty, enjoy good health, obtain happiness in love; but also to make good business and successfully undertake an artistic career. Lelahel dominates…

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Aniel Guardian Angel Born September 24 to 28


Aniel strengthens in people the Will, represented by the energies of the Sun, making them determined, volitive and integral persons. The energy of Mars will manifest itself instead in the Conscience (governed by the Sun), eliminating the past errors and the evil that derives from it, giving the person a balanced character without aggression. Aniel is the angel called to make the Divine Design intelligible to us. However, it is impossible to learn anything without effort. The characteristic of Aniel, closely linked to the severity of the Archangel of his…

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Rochel Guardian Angel People Born March 1 to 5


Rochel gives its protected a marked clarity of thought, through which have a strong self-awareness. Faithful and honest have no problems in giving help when needed, usually their efforts in this regard are always rewarded. They have in most cases a considerable dialectic capacity in conversations, during which love to argue in detail their positions; for this reason they are naturally predisposed to work in the legal field, such as lawyers or notaries . Tradition says that Rochel is a carrier of immense clarity, which allows to regain what was once…

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Mebahel Guardian Angel Born May 26 to 31


Mebahel returns the lost hopes. He teaches us to love all things of creation, even the smaller and to rejoice in their beauty. He puts humans in touch with all that is high, and grants to learn to be just. It also gives access to material wealth while maintaining a sense of spirituality . Born under this influence will encoders dreams aware of the material and spiritual laws, the practice no utopia. Always the bearer of good news, will be a magnificent disinterested defender of innocent people. His ego and the strong presence of…

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Angels of freedom smooth the path to liberation


The Angels of Freedom are represented with a graceful scarf floating in the wind, a symbol of the free flow of life energy. These angels protect the fundamental right of men to express their independence and creativity. They guard the worlds, protecting inner freedom and honesty, removing obstacles from the path of freedom. The spiritual gifts that are offered help to find free dom, to appreciate its value and to give it the appropriate importance, even in the different relationships with others. They smooth the path to liberation and help…

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Haiaiel Guardian Angel Born March 11 to 15


Haiaiel gives foresight and even prophecy, understood as instruments for understanding and transforming evil. Haiaiel grants people a penetrating lucidity that allows them to immediately distinguish without failing, the Good from Evil, the True from False. They will thus be free and intelligent, active and committed people, who set their lives towards goals of liberation from conditioning and slavery. Among the main functions of Haiaiel there is also the brotherhood. He has the task of turning friends into brothers: Friend is the one who thinks like us, Brother is a…

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Hariel Guardian Angel Born June 1 to 5


Hariel gives us the ability to see clearly, obtained after making themselves transparent. Hariel acts from interiority by directing the person’s intellect to works based on Love, though exempt from sentimentality. Logical and rational works capable of radiating comfort towards the world. It makes the intelligence bright and lively, giving it clarity and thus favoring the logical path to success, moral and material success. In order to arrive, one must avoid criticizing and joking, in order to make love flow out of itself through the uranian candor that makes everything…

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Hekamiah Guardian Angel Born June 6 to 10


Hekamiah grants royal power, he is in fact the genius of victory and presides (like the Archangel Michael) also in the battle, all that is relative to the human dimension of war and armies, protects the leaders. This does not mean that people will become such, but that in all of them there is the potential to develop attitudes to leadership or to become leaders in their environment. People subjected to the influence of Hekamiah will be volitive and respected. If they reach positions of command, nothing can take away…

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Damabiah Guardian Angel Born February 10 to 14


Damabiah Guardian Angel Source of all Wisdom that transmits to the person born under his spiritual influence a continuous flow that becomes love and expresses itself with Goodness. Damabiah Guardian Angel fights spells, curses and slander. Constantly transforms Evil into Good by protecting the person from all meanness or negativity, and his enemies will bump into an invisible protective wall. Damabiah Guardian Angel gives wealth and lucky outcome in activities related to water (springs, rivers, seas) and feelings. The person born in the days governed by Damabiah will feel happy…

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