Lack of passion and crisis in the couple relationship


Lack of passion in the couple is one of the main causes of dissatisfaction in the world of love relationships. Finding someone to stay with can be difficult, but it is even more difficult to maintain a healthy and lasting relationship. The lack of passion changes the relationship of a couple. The first important thing is to understand why the passion in the couple is born and which function. What is passion exactly Passion is considered a sentiment that leads us to experience attraction and excitement towards a person. It…

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Let it flow, do not anchor yourself to resentments and fears


Let it flow, do not anchor yourself to resentments, do not cling to fears or to those who just want to tarnish their wings. Because everything has its own time and new opportunities can come at any time, as long as the mind is kept calm, and the heart is active. Just for today, let everything flow without conditions. Just for today, you prevent the adversities from throwing you down, tearing away your hopes and the desire to live. Just for today, let go of all that troubles you with…

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Avoidance means escaping from unpleasant situations


Avoidance may seem to be the best defense mechanism, but it is particularly dangerous, especially over time. We have all lived through situations that have caused us such malaise as to lead us to desire only to run away. We will not only talk about the prejudices that derive from this way of dealing with things, but we will also see which behaviors can replace avoidance, whose only result is to remove the possibility of exposure to a situation that is perceived as unpleasant or even painful. What is avoidance…

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Emotional insecurity is the great enemy of progress


Living accompanied by emotional insecurity means loading a great weight. Doubting about everything and above all about ourselves is one of the great obstacles for our personal fulfillment. Living fearful, trustless and undecided is like trying to keep the balance on a loose rope on which we do acrobatics to avoid falling. It may be that this emotional insecurity has always accompanied us, that it is the result of an unhappy childhood marked by absence of a sense of protection and security. Or maybe it was built precisely for the…

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Jabamiah Guardian Angel Born March 6 to 10


Jabamiah dominates all the phenomena of regeneration of nature and procreation. In the spiritual sphere it favors the study of philosophy and the diffusion of profitable philosophical ideas. Collaborating in the power of the Archangel Gabriel, he offers his energy to all those who wish to undertake a process of regeneration, supporting the rapprochement with God and the return to Joy. Jabamiah in its own lunar chorus represents the Venusian aspect, it is the most powerful among the Guardian Angels. Inasmuch as the energies of Venus support all those of…

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Yeratel Guardian Angel Born August 2 to 6


Yeratel dominates the spread of culture and civilization. Yeratel effectively expresses the gifts and powers of the Center to which he belongs. It can be affirmed that from this Guardian Angel, at the same time they radiate the creative powers of the Seraphim; the love-wisdom of the Cherubim; the legal capacity of the Thrones and that of organizing new worlds. Praying Yeratel means immediately solving all possible problems of personal, political, social order: he responds promptly; as receiving people with open arms to grant them peace, comfort and fulfillment of…

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Masturdating, an opportunity to get in touch with your inner world


Masturdating offers numerous benefits. First of all, it’s a way to get to know yourself. It means doing simple non-binding programs, like going to see a movie without needing anyone. Research shows that many people do not feel comfortable doing certain things alone, especially when observed. Yet, according to some recent studies, it seems that people who spend time alone enjoy at least as much as a couple or in a group. Masturdating the technique to conquer oneself In a world based on a binary system, solitary figures represent an…

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Intuitive intelligence determines our lives


​​Intuitive Intelligence comes from Canadian sociologist Malcolm Gladwell, who started from the concept of “thin-slicing”. This sociologist argues that we can give meaning to situations based on truly ephemeral experiences. Therefore, we also have the ability to determine what is most important in a very short time, even in the blink of an eye. Intuitive Intelligence improves our decision-making ability to solve problems quickly. This is a countercurrent concept, because we have always thought that making good decisions is necessary to reflect carefully, not to hurry and to analyze the…

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Harahel Angel Meditation Prayer the umbilical cord


Harahel Angel Qualities intelligence sense of hierarchy and respect for superiors, goodness, lucidity in front of the money, pleasure to instruct others. The Angel of the Abyss contrary to Harahel Angel, called Halan and is the sterile action. It is the enemy of culture and causes destructive events or fatal for wealth. It causes unprofitable and vain activities, stiffness, fire, failure or depletion of assets. Prayer to Harahel Angel (or meditation on the respective name of God) defends those born in this period fall into these risks and defects, saving…

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First Name of God (Vav Hey Vav) Vehuiah


First Name of God allows us to transform the past and give new form to the present, in order to exalt all that is linked to creation and to the Creator. Positive: there is a mechanism within us, which we must awaken, which allows us to travel in time. Returning to review the elements of our past lives, this mechanism allows us to remove the negativity of the past, to live the present in the key to building the future, just as the Lord wants it, and not as we…

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Virgo July 2018 Angel Horoscope


Virgo July 2018, Learning how to balance emotions is your current job, you have to take great care of everything that goes into your stomach. Know how to give value to what requires attention and commitment. Look at the emotions that must be contacted. If there are concerns, you should learn to drop them. If the past afflicts you and the repressed emotions overwhelm you, as you can enjoy a fully lived present. Do not blame yourself if you try something with intensity; you may not be perfectly centered, but…

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Leo July 2018 Angel Horoscope


Leo July 2018, You are nobody’s, and nobody belongs to you. You are not something to honor or to sacrifice. You are not a trophy or a weight. Anyone who makes you feel this way should be dismissed. And if you make yourself feel this way, you have to work hard to ward off these thoughts and replace them, because they are not nutritious. Try to spend time in peaceful solitude, celebrating silence and the possibility of failure and success, as if they were faces of the same coin. Resume…

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