Sachiel Archangel Money Prayer


Archangel Sachiel is one of the most invoked Archangels, represents wealth, physical well-being, prestige, and money. Sachiel is the guardian of the animal kingdom and fertility on Earth Planet, Sachiel is very generous in helping humans in achieving their economic well-being, also represents optimism in dealing with life and is of great help in moments of sadness and discouragement. The money and the wealth that is received in any form through Sachiel’s help must not be withheld, but it must flow among people to improve the economic well-being of all,…

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Sachiel Archangel Luck Prayer


Sachiel Archangel bestows gifts following laws incomprehensible to us, but later precise limits placed by karma .The poverty or wealth is evidence from overcome and every living being is free to choose how. Sachiel is depicted with a cornucopia from which flows rose petals and gold coins. In fact it is the bearer of good fortune, abundance of wealth in all its aspects, in cash, in agricultural crops, the majesty of royalty, the pomp of temples and residences, prestige. His presence gives hope, health, helps fight depression, sadness, despair. We…

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The benefits of negative emotions


Negative emotions, with their benefits, allow us to grow and become more complete people. Clyde DeSouza says that, when the mind manages to free itself from the contamination of emotions, logic and clarity emerge surprisingly. This means that we can find good in almost everything we are and that surrounds us, even in the aspects that we consider negative. We must also consider that the society in which we live classifies frustration and anxiety as decidedly negative events. Love is always positive. To a deeper reflection, however, we realize that this…

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Career and characteristics of emotional intelligence


To have a successful career it is not enough to have a high IQ or be competent from a professional point of view; it is also necessary to have what Daniel Goleman calls emotional intelligence. If we were to list the factors that lead to success in life in general, and in particular in career, we would probably put lively intelligence, a brilliant school career, precise professional skills, and probably some factors related to fate. . All true, but not enough. For example, think of a person with an extraordinary…

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Teach children gently to learn with love


Teach sweetly means guiding our children through patience and respect. Satisfy their needs without haste and without pauses, but keeping them by the hand step by step. Although it may seem strange, there are still many parents and educators nowadays who continue to base their education on the classic behavioral strategies of positive and negative reinforcements. It is assumed that the little ones are a kind of tabula rasa on which to impress by force of knowledge. However, instead of understanding education from this point of view, we should rather…

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The talents of our children are natural goods


Almost all children have absolutely unique talents. For this reason, the task of parents is to promote talents motivating them to develop natural abilities from pre-school age. It is only a matter of carefully observing the child, to be able to understand what is drawing his attention and in what he proves to be more skilled. Caution. Avoid putting pressure on it: just show yourself proud of its little success. The common denominator of parents consists in committing the gross mistake of requiring children to stand out in the discipline…

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Cruel individuals disguised as good people


There are cruel individuals disguised as good people. They are individuals who hurt, who attack through a Machiavellian emotional blackmail based on fear of aggression and guilt. They show admirable goodness behind which hide hidden interests and frustrations. It is often said that those who have been offended, in turn offend. These ideas do not have a true basis, and there is another aspect to consider and which we do not like to admit. Evil exists. Cruel people sometimes have certain biological characteristics that lead to aggressive behavior. The Argentinean …

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Spending time in solitude to listen to yourself


Spending time in solitude allows you to think of multiple projects. Are you among those who think that only good ideas are born when working in a group? This is not necessarily true. When one is alone, one has the possibility to imagine in complete freedom. There is no one to tell you that what you dream is impossible, so start thinking about how to make it happen. Perhaps you believe that it is impossible to create a really interesting project on your own. But think of the great inventors…

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Lehahiah Guardian Angel Born September 8 to 12


Lehahiah Guardian Angel grants his gifts to the person because he makes them available to some historically important person, to assist them with devotion, respect, seriousness, loyalty and discipline, and to be generously repaid in return. In daily life this prerogative translates into the tendency, for people who enjoy the spiritual influence of Lehaiah, to have full confidence on the part of superiors, who in the professional field will grant them all kinds of work-related rewards. Lehahiah Guardian Angel loves anyone who works hard, and gives complete security in the…

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Emotional dependency, hides an extreme fear


Emotional dependency is a complex condition. Generally it does not obey only one factor, but different elements are necessary for it to appear and be maintained. In many cases, moreover, it is not a conscious reality, the person believes that the problems deriving from his emotional dependency have a distinct and often external origin. The emotional dependency conceals an extreme fear, as well as different fantasies about their abilities and the place that deals in the world. The person feels, without any proof, that if they break or they fail…

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Leuviah Guardian Angel Born June 22 to 26


Leuviah represents and dispenses the part of the severe energies of Saturn that is linked to Jupiter, mitigated therefore by expansion and joy. Leuviah jointly inspires Grace and Justice. He hopes that the Law will be applied according to the Spirit. But since in his own chorus he represents Hesediel’s youthful energies, in him the Grace prevails over rigor. Leuviah supports the realization of a celestial world in the density of matter, and is the bearer of wealth and abundance in every sector of life. Its energy is aimed at…

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Sehaliah Angel 45 Healing Prayer


Sehaliah Angel God of Light, motor of the dormant wills. Lord who mobilize the divine action. Listen, Oh LORD, the faint beating of my heart. Renew mine blood, because this moment a new system of values ​​orients my life towards God. Sehaliah Angel, I followed wrong paths. Human pride had guided me in the lands of oblivion. I was great and powerful in material things, but how small my soul was! I impose silence on the voice that came out of my heart, a true and luminous voice. I made my…

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