Nithael Guardian Angel Born December 17 to 21


Nithael dispenses the energies of Venus in the Venusian choir of the Principalities, Nithael Guardian Angel is therefore an angel bringing beauty, art and sensitivity. In fact, he dominates artistic and aesthetic talents; he is considered the angel who helps to perceive nobility of heart, and can also dispense a capacity for regeneration that helps to preserve youth in itself; gives center, ability to welcome others, helps to achieve celebrity and prestige. Nithael instills the beauty, the delicacy, the grace, the artistic sense and all the powers emanating from the…

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Intuition Angels help us to accumulate information


The Angels of intuition help us to accumulate information that we can then use in a beneficial way to grow and evolve. In an unconscious way we use intuition almost always as a way to know if something is right for us or to know if we are safe. We can awaken this quality through the awakening of consciousness and to take greater account of our inner voice. Intuition is our ability to have access to our inner perceptions. Its function is not rational, insofar as intuition comes from the…

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Angels of wisdom guard the doors of Heaven


The angels of wisdom guard the doors of the Heaven of the Heavens, watching with the symbolic eye of omniscience. They let the beings who have revealed their true nature, the divine Self, pass through the heavenly worlds. They carry a candle in hand, symbol of divine knowledge. The angels of wisdom help us to discover and deepen in our being the state of wisdom. Wisdom presupposes a general conception, harmoniously integrated through intuition, on the world, on man, on his position in the universe and on the reality of…

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Angels of peace help to reconcile the adverse forces


The Angels of Peace channel the energy we need to resolve the conflicts in our lives. They help us to glimpse the compatibility that exists between our desires and the possibilities we have available, in order to live in harmony with ourselves, without frustration and remorse. They help us to accept ourselves and to progress towards inner peace, so that the life we ‚Äč‚Äčlead is in profound agreement with our internal rhythms and cycles. When we have come to get rid of our ancestral fears and the archaic reflexes of…

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Angels of Happiness urge us to return to the truth


The Angels of Happiness show us how all that creates suffering is a simple illusion, a diversion to distract our attention from God. The Angels of Happiness make us feel like there is no break between us and the Creator, no separation that could steal the state of happiness even for a moment. Everything is God. And therefore, unhappiness is impossible. Another aspect that the Angels of Happiness make us understand is that all the troubles that happen to us, reflect the fact that we do not see what is…

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Sehaliah Angel 45,Qualities and Meditation Prayer


Sehaliah Angel the power of prosperity. According to kabbalah, to consider oneself the only architects of one’s successes is an error that comes only from ignorance, and gives power to the ego to the detriment of the inner self. The material successes achieved selfishly by the ego always entail having to pay a high price in negative repercussions. Which apparently have nothing to do with the maneuvers that have led us to achieve our goals; yet it is precisely from there that they sprang. True prosperity is a global fact,…

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19th Name of God (Lamed Vav Vav) Calling God


19th Name of God, Lamed Vav Vav, removes all obstacles knowing that only we humans are solely responsible for responding to those who call us. Establish a line of communication with God. 19th Name of God, Lamed Vav Vav gives the ability to repair broken lines, remove interference and establish a secure line of communication with the higher worlds. 19th Name of God is a typical name of certain people, for example the mediums, ie those who have the – medium of communication – and put themselves at the service…

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71st Name of God (Hey Yud Yud) God, Lord of the Universe


71st Name of God, to understand this Name we need to understand what the prophecies are. The ability to be a prophet is not to see the future. The prophet is the one who receives information, often visions, which sometimes fully understands the meaning, sometimes only partially. Those who foresee the future on the basis of their own abilities, perhaps highly intuitive, are not prophets. The prophet is distinguished from the visionary, because the visionary lives life experiences that he can understand, and can transmit them, regardless of where these…

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Emotional illiteracy in virtual reality


Emotional illiteracy between blogs and social networks. The virtual realities of blogs and social networks, supporting multiple, fluid or often fictitious identities, risk creating a paradox of communication .. you can be in touch with everyone and at any time, simply by exhibiting your avatar, without that cognitive involvement emotional that a true physical relationship entails. This threatens to feed, especially in the young, an emotional illiteracy that takes them away from others but also from themselves. Modern theories in cognitive psychology, psychoanalysis and psychosomatics all recognize, from various angles,…

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Unlearning the things you believe are true


Sometimes you have to unlearn the things you believe to be true. It is not necessary to see the world in the same way you have always seen it. Just because a fact was true in the past does not mean it’s still true today. And just because you learned something in a certain way, it does not mean that you learned it in the best way. Therefore, do not let yesterday’s beliefs dictate the history you live today. Our brain interprets reality based on its beliefs, beliefs and structures…

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