Seheiah Guardian Angel Born August 7 to 12


Seheiah Guardian Angel rules certain forces that come to help protect against all misfortunes related to the energies of Camael Archangel – Justice of God – that gives wisdom through experiences. Invoked in adversity, Seheiah prevents traumatic consequences by giving the joyful grace of Hesediel. According to Tradition, invoking Seheiah Guardian Angel, the person will be protected from accidents and brought to safety from eventual catastrophic events, and will come out unscathed from delicate situations. It will also sometimes be the providential person, who with his mere presence, can prevent…

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Poyel Guardian Angel Born December 27 to 31


Poyel is considered the bearer of the gifts of Providence, he dominates on luck, hope and optimism. Poyel concretizes the unconscious forces that form the images of our interiority, and is the most generous angel, assigned to those who have deserved guidance by acting well in previous lives. Poyel Guardian Angel offers people the most precious gifts, beauty and health, abundance and power. All this is offered to these souls so that they can project it to the outside, making others participate in their full realization. Poyel Guardian Angel bestows…

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Becoming a parent is a couple decision


Becoming a parent can be a natural or planned experience. In both cases, it is important for the couple to agree on decisions that will affect the child’s future. The desire to become a parent can happen at any time in life and the motivation can be many. Some may be valid others may seem quite superficial. The ideal would be for a child to come into the world as a couple decision. This will guarantee security and stability to the new human being; and also to the parents themselves.…

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Mulan, a great current example for women


Mulan is the title of a Disney feature film of 1998, inspired by the Chinese legend of Hua Mulan. It has achieved remarkable success and over time has become a classic among animated films. Fa Mulan is the only daughter of Fa Zhou, an elderly sick warrior. The girl must be examined to honor her family in the only way a woman can do it in the Chinese society of the time, to marry a man of good family. The values ​​of the family and the role of women as…

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Mebahel Angel 14 Qualities and Dark Angel


Mebahel Angel Qualities are honesty, justice, truth of heart, transparency; lightness, artistic sense, sense of humor. Mebahel Angel for protection and release of prisoners, liberation from all forms of oppression. Its influence also extends to the constraints that often hold the spirit of an individual prisoner: the help of Mebahel Angel can dissolve the tension due to complexes, obsessions and delusions. Tamiel is Dark Angel who contrasts Mebahel Angel. It represents injustice and imprisonment. It causes mental confusion, depressive, aggressive or self-injurious obsessions. Negatively dominates processes, causes lies, instability, deception,…

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Emotional dependency, hides an extreme fear


Emotional dependency is a complex condition. Generally it does not obey only one factor, but different elements are necessary for it to appear and be maintained. In many cases, moreover, it is not a conscious reality, the person believes that the problems deriving from his emotional dependency have a distinct and often external origin. The emotional dependency conceals an extreme fear, as well as different fantasies about their abilities and the place that deals in the world. The person feels, without any proof, that if they break or they fail…

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Leuviah Guardian Angel Born June 22 to 26


Leuviah represents and dispenses the part of the severe energies of Saturn that is linked to Jupiter, mitigated therefore by expansion and joy. Leuviah jointly inspires Grace and Justice. He hopes that the Law will be applied according to the Spirit. But since in his own chorus he represents Hesediel’s youthful energies, in him the Grace prevails over rigor. Leuviah supports the realization of a celestial world in the density of matter, and is the bearer of wealth and abundance in every sector of life. Its energy is aimed at…

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Ariel Guardian Angel Born November 8 to 12


Ariel is the 46th breath of God, and the sixth angelic ray in the Solar Choir of the Virtue Angels, Zodiacal home from the 15th to 20th grade of Scorpio, Ariel administers the energies of Venus. Ariel grants a subtle feel to overlook the appearances, what really happens, or what has already happened. According to tradition, Ariel is invoked to see the future in advance, discover hidden treasures and reveal the secrets of nature (with particular reference to the mechanisms of life and its reproduction). To help us realize our dreams…

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Learn to develop intuitive intelligence


Learn to develop intuitive intelligence is important nowadays, more than it has been in the past. In fact, intuitive intelligence is the only real resource capable of really improving our lives. According to a recent study, every day we are hit by a tsunami of information that amounts to more than 174 data-intensive journals, or about five times the amount of information we were exposed to 20 years ago. This flood of data includes innumerable opinions of experts, gurus and guides who tell us what we should do to live…

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Kindness is a gift that is worth sharing


Kindness is a value in which many of us believe. It is the language of respect and consideration, it is the bearing that cushions the blows of life, a gift we offer with the look, the words and the small actions of everyday life. Being kind does not cost anything, in fact you earn. Lao Tse, a Chinese philosopher, said in his texts that kind words generate trust, noble thoughts arouse goodness, and actions done in the name of respect create indestructible bonds. However, in many of our closest environments,…

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How to defeat the fear of death


The fear of death is an anguish that unites all human beings, but can also assume the characteristics of a specific phobia and become a real psychological disorder. The fear of death is primarily about human beings who, as self-conscious beings, have in our mind the concept of death and the end of our existence (which of course animals do not have). This brings with it the fear of the end and loss of one’s life or that of one’s loved ones. On this awareness or existential condition are inscribed…

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Manakel Guardian Angel Born February 15 to 19


Manakel dominates all vegetation strengths and exerts strong influence on sleep and dreams. Manakel imprints the Law (from Saturn’s own energy) to the Center of Images (that is, in the dimension of imagination and communication, which is the moon energy of the Archangel Gabriel who dominates his Choir). The person has the gift of modesty and seriousness that will make him gain everyone’s trust and sympathy, for the others will not see him as a rival, but as an ally. He will therefore be driven to stable situations in which…

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