With the virtuous energy of humility man realizes himself


With the virtuous energy of humility man realizes himself, does not care about the judgment of others and his reputation, he does not need to make efforts to defend them and can thus free up energies for his projects. Since the projects of the Self are impersonal and directed towards the common good, humility is also situated in this current. It is a quality unrelated to what is done for personal and self-centered purposes, even if positive and constructive. The inferiority complex and narcissism are situations closely related and humility is…

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Benevolence is not a generic love of the other


Benevolence is not a generic love of the other nor an attempt to love the other, but it is to see the good in everything. Seeing God at work in every person, because He is all in all. We live in a world where violence, corruption and selfishness touch drifts that were once unthinkable. Propose a reflection on benevolence to the authors of injustices … it would be like sowing in the waves of the sea. All of them facing the challenge of living benevolence could react with a –…

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Autism is not a misfortune, ignorance is


Autism is a developmental disorder that alters communication and social relationships. The repertoire of interests and activities of the child with an autism spectrum disorder is more limited and restrictive, with a tendency to repetition and to stereotypies. Autism is not a misfortune, ignorance is. Scientific research on autism Since 2000, great progress has been made in scientific research, and it has been possible to distinguish the variants of some genetic chains involved in the genesis of autism, for which there is clearly a cause associated with neurodevelopment. Many of…

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Sixty-eighth Name of God (CHET BET VAV)


Sixty-eighth Name of God, Our rationality has wanted to build bonds and barriers, and among these a widespread idea is that the world of the living, is totally separate from the world of the dead. But the dead, in the common sense of the word, do not exist, because we are all immortal, and death is only an apparent passage of state, which is beyond the perception of our senses. Then celebrating the Lord means working in all the worlds, seeing that He gives without any bond. But contacting those…

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Angels of help and dedication bring God’s blessing


The Angels of help and dedication bring God’s blessing to all those who have put their lives at the service of their fellows. They are represented holding a dove in their hands, a symbol of the permanent desire to help all beings. The angels of help are always next to all those who have profoundly understood the fundamental need of the human being to manifest altruism. All those who offer their services full of dedication, so that this planet becomes happier and their life better, are strongly impulsive and always…

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Angels of intuition help us to accumulate information


The Angels of intuition help us to accumulate information that we can then use in a beneficial way to grow and evolve. In an unconscious way we use intuition almost always as a way to know if something is right for us or to know if we are safe. We can awaken this quality through the awakening of consciousness and to take greater account of our inner voice. Intuition is our ability to have access to our inner perceptions. Its function is not rational, insofar as intuition comes from the…

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We see reality only through the Light


The present before us is highly compromised in the vision of its most important details, only with the Light of the Holy Spirit can we see it as it is. We base our lives on a vision very far from reality, accustomed as we are to be content with the deep fog that surrounds us, we do not realize that beyond the blanket of the same there is a world to be discovered. We see on the basis of our prejudices, our selfishness, our fears, the fear of not being…

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Kabbalah is both wisdom and science


Traditionally we refer to the Kabbalah as the – Wisdom of the Kabbalah – as the study of Kabbalah allows us to know directly, through the inner experience, the spiritual worlds. Therefore, one does not make philosophy of spirituality, which would not take us one millimeter beyond our opinions, nor does it fantasize about spiritual forms of which there is not the slightest idea. The way of the Kabbalah leads directly to spiritual experience, then to the gradual knowledge of divinity. But the Kabbalah is also a science in that…

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In the unconscious there is all the evolutionary past


In the unconscious there is all the evolutionary past of humanity. But man is at the center of a complex psychology, which does not stop at the unconscious and the circumconscious, but proceeds in the superconscious, in which the future of evolution is deposited. In other words, man can be conscious of the Divine part that is in him. Man has the freedom of to choose whether to be a conscious part of the Divine evolutionary game, or to allow oneself to be used and possessed by forces opposed to…

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We must become aware that we are prisoners


We must become aware that we are prisoners, because only by admitting this, we can find freedom. Our prison is not iron and brick, it would be all too easy, but rather erected with our wrong perceptions, with our inner dysfunctionalism, and the cultural and social stratifications we suffer for convenience, peaceability and laziness. We calmly accept that we must leave our carnal and psychological remains, and we understand that what makes the difference is how we live. He who desires knowledge knows that the old man must die, so…

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