Taurus July 2017 Career Horoscope Love

Taurus July 2017 will be marked by some satisfaction in all fields. The Sextile Sun to your astrological sector does not allow you to be touched by stressful influences. Venus will leave your constellation after the first week of the month to enter your second home. All this will be a source of influx of peace generators. A greater inner calm, which will give you the best way to manage your couple’s life. You will have more energy and vitality that will help you live well this time. It is, however, necessary to change the way of life in some way, and to give up some bad habits. In fact, each relationship needs to be renewed to avoid falling into monotony.

Get rid of all the energy you have, because you are very close to achieving your goals. The last part of the month will be the hardest, because of the envy and jealousy in your face of a person close to you.

Taurus July 2017 Horoscope Love

In love, the family atmosphere of July 2017 is lively and carefree, with opportunities for genuine pleasure and relaxation with your partner. But you must keep your possessive and jealous temper under control. Peace and calm are present in your relationship just as you like. However, the opposition of Venus to Saturn, in the first round of July, can make you experience some resistance in your affective relationships. You are tormented by the fact that your partner interacts with other people, and you feel sorry for not paying any attention anymore as he used to do. Your real problem is that you think you have a kind of copyright on your partner. The horoscope suggests abandoning this concept, and beginning to see the other not as something to possess but to love. Give more time to love. Patience is the key in the relationship. Let the harmony prevail, so you can recover your confidence in yourself naturally.

If you are alone, this is a good time if you have decided to say goodbye to your freedom, in any case you are always in time to decide to change your mind at any time. A meeting around the middle of the month could completely transform your life. A Virgo would devote unconditionally to you in a bright affectionate relationship, fulfilling all your expectations; Both signs of Earth, you would have several affinities in common. A love story with Libra would be great, provided you respect your vital needs; Otherwise the report could hardly work. The differences that separate Taurus from Sagittarius are 50%, the same number of reasons that they would join together.

Taurus July 2017 Career Horoscope

The first two weeks of July 2017 will be less promising. Then, it will open a gap that will allow you to communicate with the surrounding environment more appropriately. In particular, it is the trigon of Venus with Jupiter, which will bring you luck in your industry. Many of the born under the zodiac sign of Taurus will have the opportunity to see a small increase in money in their paycheck. You will be able to see things under a more serene perspective, and you will make your decisions in a targeted and constructive manner. Use this favorable time to strengthen your position. At a time, you will gain greater authority in your industry. Your commitment and sacrifices will not go unnoticed. In short, there are all the requirements you need to bring your business to a higher level, or if you want, you can completely change the work plans.

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