The tyrant who lives inside us

The tyrant who lives within us has only one goal – to protect us. It is a part of our psyche destined to keep us in the safe area, far from danger in everyday simplicity. The tyrant takes care not to make us make hasty or wrong decisions, in order to avoid future disappointments. However, what the tyrant does not know is that sometimes spontaneity and irrational impulses are fundamental ingredients for achieving the goals we have set ourselves.

The tyrant is like a bodyguard, he exists, he does not think, he simply performs. It always pushes us towards the simpler road, where there are no negative complications. When needed, acts like an antivirus: detects possible threats and blocks them. The only negative thing is that sometimes it is wrong, and certain messages do not arrive at destination, important messages that could radically change things.

We must be careful if we do not want to be dominated by the tyrant. Identifying this obscure travel companion is very simple. It always reacts aggressively. We will recognize the tyrant when he is dominated by taking an exaggerated position in the face of a minor problem. He will have a tense attitude, on the defensive, he will pass to other arguments and he will self-justify himself to convince himself that the situation is that and can not change.

Thus, it is the responsibility of each of us to identify and manage the tyrant every time he appears, in order to prevent him from limiting our alternatives. When this being enters the scene, particular attention must be paid to the speeches. Obviously, it is much easier to notice the tyrant in others and not in ourselves. It is necessary to observe how certain words pronounce, on which parts they stop and insist more. In fact, the tyrant leads to lying as a self-defense mechanism.

A good way to get it out of the closet is to talk, ask him questions, trust him to let the guard down. Ultimately, the tyrant is an incompetent bodyguard, who takes us away from everything we want or want, because he considers it dangerous and would imply leaving the safe area, exposing us too much.

The first step to free ourselves of this part of us that limits us is to be aware of its existence. Reading this article, you will have realized that you have sometimes been prisoners of some sort of attitude similar to that of which we have spoken to you.

At this point you just have to work on yourself day after day, to learn to recognize the tyrant every time he shows up. If you pay attention and you manage to change all the attitudes that lead to nothing, you will see how things will change and life will come back to smile at you. Courage, you can do it!

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