Umabel Angel Spiritual Meditation

Umabel Angel gives a particularly sensitive and empathic mind, able to interact with others by offering friendship and receiving it. The person born under his influence, addressing him with prayer, will get absolute clarity of conscience about how to act in the most functional way to the situation that is going through. Umabel Angel’s energy makes him feel loved by those who radiate it, they are intuitive, generous and capable of uninterested and very effective interventions. However, it will be a matter of precious interventions as discontinued: it is up to us to know the best of these people.

Regarding people born in Umabel Angel days, they will spend generously, but the gold they give is always returned. Umabel Angel delivers an energy that stimulates the individual’s moral personality, creating around him a kind of armor that is able to accommodate the drawing in progress. We will have the theoretical moralist, the one who preaches what he has never experienced in his own. In exceptional cases, however, the preacher can carry a bag of Divine Drawings, acquired during numerous previous incarnations.

Umabel Angel Qualities

The qualities developed by Umabel Angel are tolerance and harmony with others, sincerity, gratitude, charity, fairness, love for music; Talent for the professions related to astronomy and physics. On the emotional plane, Umabel Angel governs the energies of the Sun, giving the people born in his days a great solar heart. A heart that has reasons, which go far beyond those of reason, full of good intuitions that will come to deserved successes. For this reason, the angel of the Abyss opposite Umabel Angel (called Argilon) represents enmity and distrust. It leads to narcissism, drug abuse, a tendency to intoxicant habits, distrust and closure to people, as a result solitude and difficulty in having friends.

Umabel Angel Meditation – Water

Umabel-Angel-Meditation.jpgThe truth to know about this meditation is that Water is not a trivial physical element, but it is the element that most of all links among all beings and offers purification and healing. On the physical plane, we have to imagine water as a single element of which we are literally part (remember that the human body consists primarily of water), and not only on the quantum plane, although in our physical dimension the parts seem to be separate. In fact, they are as separate as the water, which we confine ourselves from the river to a glass: beyond our perceptions, in reality it continues to be part of the mass of water that permeates the world.

The pollution of the waters therefore also belongs to the allotment and intoxication we carry in our bodies (which always reaches the soul, and vice versa). From the spiritual point of view, more importantly, according to Kabbalah, and virtually all religions, water is God’s Light made manifest in the physical world. In Christianity, all Marian apparitions are connected with the eruption of healing springs.

For all these reasons, water pollution is not only a material fact, but a crucial spy of the Planet’s unhappiness: it is both the cause and effect of a moral anguish that attracts humanity.

Now, focusing your vision on the Name, without thinking of anything else, breathing, allowing you to permeate deeply and for long by its meaning, pronounces this intention: for the vibration of this Name are purified the waters of the Earth, awaken the forces of healing and immortality .

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