Umabel Guardian Angel Born January 21 to 25

Umabel gives the gift of an aptly sensitive and empathetic soul, able to tune in with others by offering friendship and receiving it. The person born under his influence, addressing him, will get absolute clarity of conscience about how to act in the most functional way to the situation that is going through. The energy released by Umabel makes us feel passionately loved by those who radiate it: they are intuitive, generous and capable of uninterested and very effective interventions. However, it will be a matter of precious interventions as discontinued: it is up to us to know the best of these people.

As for Umabel people, they will spend generously, but the gold they give without any calculation will always be returned thanks to Umabel. The angel delivers an energy that stimulates the individual’s moral personality by creating around him a kind of armor, skeleton, capable of accommodating the Drawing in process. We will have the theoretical moralist, the one who preaches what he has never experienced on his own. In exceptional cases, however, the preacher may carry a bag of Divine Drawings, acquired during numerous previous incarnations.


Umabel Horoscope

Love – They will be tempted to join a negative element that is happily offered to them, and circumstances will be conducive to this false love; they will, but will not be able to complete the project that attracts them. They will resume from the high, to rise to the throne of dignity, where a great happy love awaits them

Money – It is announced a period of monetary euphoria, of financial enthusiasm, but will also suffer from strong pressures on the part of their environment and the loved one who will help them to empty their bank account almost instantly.

Health – Protects against all suffering, especially against fainting. Retrieving animated form: being in peace with oneself, that is to say that our higher tendencies are in line with our inferior tendencies, without tensions, hysteria.

Career – You should start an important, luminous work that will give you fame. It will light inside you and, thanks to this inner tendency, you will realize a transparent and beautiful work. Such work must have an artistic, literary, scientific, spiritual or, simply, human character.

Esoteric Initiation – You will be called upon to accomplish a great mission, and you will be offered the means to do so. Around you, from the moment you start acting, will be great opportunities.

Umabel Prayer Psalm 113,2 (Sit Nomen Domini benedictum, ex hoc nunc et usque in saeculum)

Umabel Days

January 21 to 25
May 21
August 5
October 17
December 28
March 9

Choir Archangels
Prince Michael
Air Element
Zodiacal home from 1st to 5th Aquarius

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