Umabel Guardian Angel People Born January 21 to 25

Umabel Guardian Angel gives to the person born under his divine influence, particularly sensitive and empathic soul, therefore capable of empathizing with others by offering and receiving friendship. The person turning to Umabel Guardian Angel will get absolute clarity of conscience about how to act in the most functional way to the situation he is going through. The spiritual energy bestowed by Umabel makes us feel passionately loved by those who radiate it, they are intuitive people, generous and capable of disinterested and very effective interventions.

But it will be interventions that are as precious as they are discontinuous, it is up to each one to know how to get the best out of these people. People will act generously, but the gold they give without any calculation will always be returned to them, thanks to Umabel Guardian Angel. This angel bestows an energy that stimulates the moral personality of the individual, creating around him a sort of armor, of a skeleton, capable of accommodating the Divine Design during its elaboration. .. we will have the theoretical moralist, the one who preaches what he has never experienced on his own.

In exceptional cases, it is however possible that the preacher is the bearer of a baggage of Divine Drawings, acquired during many previous incarnations. In the above case, Umabel will circulate and externalize his memory; his speech will correspond to lived realities, and his actions will agree with his words. Umabel is the Angel of the rabbis, or masters of the law. Of those people who by their nature are irresistibly connected to some supreme sense of the measure (in the Jewish tradition the Law), who experience profound happiness in transmitting the last information that this connection provides them.

Umabel Prayer ,  Psalm 113,2 (Sit Nomen Domini benedictum, ex hoc nunc et usque in saeculum)

Umabel Guardian Angel Days

January 21 to 25
May 21
August 5
October 17
December 28
March 9

Choir Archangels
Michael Archangel
Air Element
Zodiacal home from 1st to 5th Aquarius

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