Umabel Meditation Prayer

Umabel Meditation Water. The Truth to be known, connected to this meditation, is that Water is not a trivial physical element, but it is the element that most of all connects all beings and offers purification and healing. On the physical plane, we must imagine water as a single element of which we are literally part (remember that the human body is made up primarily of water), and not only on the quantum plane, even if in our physical dimension the “parts” seem separated from each other. In reality they are as “separated” as water from the river we confine in a glass: beyond our perceptions, in reality it continues to be part of the mass of water that penetrates the world. The pollution and the poisoning that we carry into our bodies also belongs to the pollution of the waters (which also always reaches the soul – and vice versa).

From the spiritual point of view, even more important, according to Kabbalah and practically according to all religions, water is the Light of God made manifest in the physical world. Not for nothing, even in our most widespread religion, Christianity, all Marian apparitions are connected to the flow of healing springs. For all these reasons, water pollution is not just a “material” fact, but a crucial indicator of the planet’s unhappiness: it is both the cause and the effect of a moral anguish that grieves humanity. The meditation associated with Umabel is called “water” because its vibration helps to bring the waters back to their original crystalline, incorrupt and thaumaturgical state.

Meditation: now, focusing your vision on the Hebrew letters of the root of the Name, without thinking of anything else, breathe and, letting you permeate deeply and long by its meaning, pronounce this intention: for the vibration of this Name the waters of the Earth are purified, the forces of healing and immortality are awakened.

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