Uriel Archangel of February Flowers and Crystals

Uriel presides the month of February, his name means Light of God. He is the most radiant and luminous among the angels, often represented descending from heaven in a wonderful chariot drawn by white horses. Uriel is also known as the Flame of God, the Angel of Presence or Salvation, Prince of Light and interpreter of the prophecies. Uriel is one of the four archangels recognized by the Christian tradition along with Michael, Raphael and Gabriel.

Uriel is the Archangel regent of the constellation of Aquarius … extrovert and revolutionary zodiac sign, destined to influence future humanity. Archangel Uriel is well suited to the government of astrology and electronics, typically aquarian. Protects and supports inventors, astronomers, meteorologists; It is He who pushes into introspection supports all those who have to do with esotericism and spirituality.

U riel has control over the forces that preside over abrupt and unforeseen changes, not only in the destiny of individuals, but on the planetary level. The Age of Aquarius, is controlled in its rapid succession of events, by this great angel who still has an immense task to play against humanity. His Light and His Shine are equal to the burning Heart of God. The air is his natural element.

U riel makes us discover our inner light becoming as bright as the sun, expressing the love and beauty that animate the depths of our being. He shows us how to interpret the messages of our inner voice and our dreams.

Uriel invocation

Allows you to: Feel stable and centered
Balance the mood
Take responsibility
Develop motivation for self-healing
Acquire trust in life

Uriel Prayer

Divine Archangel Messenger of peace and balance.
Guardian of the temple of God.
I ask you to flood my soul with love, so that it can
to feel peace being a worthy part of the divine plan.
That includes the rhythm of life.
I also ask you for abundance, prosperity and spiritual evolution
for me and all beings in the world.
May my soul triumph, remove evil and darkness.

So be it
So it is
So and done

Uriel flowers and crystals

Yellow flowers and oriental flowers.
Incense to the Flowers of the East or Jasmine.
Yellow Candle.
Stones: blue topaz, turquoise, lapis lazuli, citrine quartz, green tourmaline.

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