Vasariah Guardian Angel Aug 20 to September 2

Vasariah conveys strongly the energies its influence with greater intensity can help us substantially. Since the everyday outer life, is the concrete image of our inner reality, contact the influence of this Angel will orient towards fortunate situations. Statistically Vasariah is the Guardian Angel invoked more frequently among the Leaders of the Earth, the Traditional Text says Vasariah grants favors and benefits to the Kings and Heads of State, and generally stirs energies connected to powerful people.

It gives the human will power to arouse the desires; its lunar energy also increases the Water creative power, causing greater force (ie, additional intensity) to emotions. The influence of Vasariah manifests itself very strongly in the context of disputes in which one of the two contenders is wrong, who is right can place themselves under his protection to see recognized his case, while those who are in the wrong can do the the same to reach an agreement with the other party.

Vasariah is invoked successfully in relation to all the lawsuits, disputes of any kind, enmities and grudges, he brings peace and harmony by giving everyone what is due. Not surprisingly, dominate the world of justice and exert its influence on lawyers and judges. And it is considered to be the angel of orators and men of justice.

Vasariah Powers

Love – that stimulates dreams, increases the Imaginative power, escalates the enthusiasm, faith in the future. Love for lawyers, judges, various collaborators of justice. Love fruitful morally and materially.

Money – Important Gains (though not excessive) professions in the service of justice.

Health – Vasariah Protects the upper lobes of the liver, and also the uterus. The liver is one of the essentials of life. Although the uterus is the basis of the transmission of life, it is also considered the Angel of longevity

Career – will work because the law can emerge. Will manufacture items needed for this purpose, manuals for law students, various books, clothing, furniture. They can be lawyers, prosecutors and balances impartial judges

Esoteric initiation – Through the practice of good justice, know the Divine Justice. The Angel illuminate their hearts, and will make them his spokesman here on Earth

Vasariah Days

Guardian Angel born from August 29 to September 2 that can get results at any time.
Anyone can get the gifts and the powers bestowed by the Angel during the days of his rule: April 21, July 5, November 29th, February 8.
During the day reigns from 10:20 to 10:40
Dominions Choir
Archangel Sachiel
Earth element
Domicile Zodiac 6-10 degree Virgo

Vasariah Prayer
Traditional prayer to Vasariah is the 4th verse of Psalm 32

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