Vasariah Guardian Angel Born August 29 to Sept. 2

Vasariah is the 32nd breath of God and the eighth angel ray in the Choir of Dominions Angels , here it administers lunar energies. Its element is the Earth; Zodiacal residence from the 5th to the 10th grade of Virgo. Vasariah transmits strongly and vigorously the energies of Jupiter (wealth, well-being, joy) in the interior of the people (like all angels who administer the moon powers) in his Choir acts at the most incarnate vibratory level (and hence closer to men) . Because of this nature, it manifests its influence with greater intensity and can help us substantially. Since daily life is not the concrete image of our inner reality, turning to the influence of this Angel will lead to fortunate situations.

Statistically this is the most frequent Guardian Angel among the Great Ones of Earth: in fact the Traditional Text says that Vasariah in general shuts off energies associated with powerful people. Variah gives the human will the power to arouse desires; its moon energy also enhances the creative power of the water, causing greater strength (ie, additional intensity) to emotions.

Vasariah’s influence manifests itself very strongly in the disputes in which one of the two contenders is wrong. he who is in the right can stand under his protection to see his own reasons. while the one who is in wrong can do the same to reach an agreement with the adversary. Vasariah has been successfully invoked in relation to all legal matters, disputes of any kind, enmity and grief: it brings peace and harmony, attributing to each one what is due. It is no surprise therefore that they dominate the world of justice and exercise their influence over lawyers and magistrates. And it is in fact considered to be the angel of the orator and the men of righteousness.

Anyone who is born under this influence will be gentle, spiritual, and modest. You will have excellent memory and you will speak easily from any language. You will be a great scholar and your life full of experimentation. He wants everyone, regardless of race, belief, or culture, to deserve the same opportunities as life. Your password is respect for being respected. He has the gift of speech and the ability to speak in public, being invincible when speaking to superiors, in defense of the less fortunate. Overcoming obstacles is just a part of your struggle, because to have a full life, you must always keep your balance internally. His appearance, often austere, shows only the great responsibility that he will have towards his fellow men, against those who act in bad faith. He will be an active warrior of his guardian angel, acting quickly and without ever delaying his decisions.

Vasariah Horoscope

Peaceful love that stimulates dreams, enhances imaginative power, intensifies enthusiasm, faith in the future. Love for lawyers, judges, and various employees of justice. Fertile love morally and materially.

Money – Important (though not excessive) gains in professions serving the judiciary.

Health – Protects the upper lobes of the liver, and also the uterus. The liver is one of the essential elements of Life. The uterus is also the basis for the transmission of Life. This is to understand the importance of invoking this Angel, which is according to the traditional text of his program, the angel of longevity

Career – They will work because the Law can emerge. Crafts will be needed for this purpose: manuals for law students, various books, clothing, furniture. They can be lawyers, unbiased prosecutors, and court judges

Esoteric Initiation – Through the practice of good justice, they will know Divine Justice. The Angel will illuminate their intimacy, and make their spokesmen here, on Earth

Vasariah Prayer 4th verse of Psalm 32 (Quia rectum est verbum Domini, et omnia opera eius in fide )

Vasariah Days

From August 29 to September 2
April 21
July 5
September 18
November 29
February 8

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