Veuliah Guardian Angel Born October 24 to 28

Veuliah encourages the implementation of projects by granting spiritual material for those born under its influence to externalize what’s in their most sublime, leaving only the unspoken part of the darkest. With the help of the Angel of the person we will be mobilized and placed at the service of the Divine Work, in order to put into practice his higher principles, and continue on the right path, so having also overcome the conventional natural limits.
The Traditional Text diche Veuliah that presides over the universal peace and grants to its protected giving great opportunities for liberation. Veuliah conveys the energy of Jupiter and is therefore an angel of prosperity and joy that gives generosity and power.

The statement that grants can be sensational, but only against a real active participation; it requires devotion and self-sacrifice; and sometimes even to accept higher prices, as emigrate adapting to new types of life. From the material point of view, with the help of this angel the person will pass by the need to abundance, from a condition of servitude and dependence (both towards people or situations, both to alcohol or drugs), to a freedom and power found.

Those born under this influence tend to behave in a wholesome way. He will be famous for his work, conquering the trust of society for the services rendered. Their influence will be noticed among the most famous people, known and powerful, obtaining glory and prestige between them. He uses modern ideas and strategic actions to improve his work and consolidate his position. He will always act with prudence, avoiding obstacles, using common sense and intelligence to face problems.

Observe each path carefully before taking the first step. It will have accumulation of knowledge, acquired at the expense of hard work, that only a privileged mind can develop throughout existence. He will be noble, sincere and selfless in his relationships, enlightening all with his beneficent and inexhaustible energy. It will conquer its own space, for its self-confidence and good humor, never wasting energy in intimate conflicts.

Veuliah Best Time Invocation

Guardian Angel of people born from 24 to 28 October you can get results at any time.
Anyone can get the gifts and the powers bestowed by the Angel during the days of his rule: May 3, July 17, September 29, December 10, February 19th .

from 14.00 to 14.20
Virtues Choir
Raphael Archangel
Water element
Domicile Zodiac 1-5 grade Scorpio

Veuliah Invocation

Angel Veuliah come to tell you that I accept.
I accept to act without contradicting the divine law.
I accept the truth.
In my womb to be the bearer of a divine spark, a part of the one life.
I agree to be a drop of water in the great ocean of divine life, cosmic.
I come to tell you also that I want to thrive in wisdom, and in the possibility of action to succeed.
Help me Lord, accompany me with your love, because my work can be loved by men and by the creator and master of the universe .

Veuliah Prayer
Traditional prayer to Veuliah is the 14th verse of Psalm 87 – Et ego ad te, Domine, clamavi, et mane oratio mea praeveniet te

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