Virgo Predictions December 2017 Horoscope

By nature, Virgo people are very attentive to your well-being. Keeping you physically fit is an important goal in your life, so in this winter you will be less subject to health problems. Undoubtedly, a little exercise will benefit you and help you take your life with greater confidence. Sentimental life may surprise you, as the person you are looking for may be in the time and place less likely to be. However, the horoscope recommends that you do not fool yourself with lightning strikes. Try to keep you out of infatuation that can lead to negative consequences.

Virgo Love, Predictions December

The beginning of the latter period of the year 2017 brings with it some changes. For you there will be days full of happiness, as there may be moments of confusion and full of doubts. It is the opposition in the sky between Mars and Uranus until December 15, which leads to some turmoil, although these influences will not last long. In any case, during the month the relationship with your partner can be further strengthened. The key word to focus on is understanding, a quality that is needed to see love grow. Leave behind your past experiences and disagreements and focus on the goal of building a safe haven, where you can live your life together with the sweet half.


If you start a love novel with a Taurus native, enjoy the dizzies and the passion you will surely get; it will be an experience that will help you forget your inhibitions and prejudices. Invoke a Gemini if you want to live the relationship with greater serenity. Along with Leo you could start the best way in the new year 2018 .

Virgo Career, Predictions December

With regard to work and profession, your employment area is under the influence of Mars, so that the born in the Virgo sign can expect a good time in December. The energy planet will help you gain more confidence in yourself. Keep your thoughts under control and make every effort to keep them on the right track. You are used to taking too much of the most insignificant things too seriously, and this could further lead to unexpected consequences, adversely affecting your plans and expectations.

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