Win the fear of the future

The fear of the future of these times is a widespread emotion. The precariousness of work and financial resources coupled with the uncertainty of maneuvering to contain the crisis foment this emotional state with strong psychological consequences. Fighting and limiting the effects of fear (and thus knowing it) is one of the tools to deal with what the future holds us.

What is the fear of the future

Fear is one of the primary emotions, that is, a response in humans worldwide and from the very first hours of birth. When a danger threatens our integrity or tranquility, fear comes to pass: an instinctive reaction that has the purpose of ensuring the survival of the individual. There are not only real dangers among the most dangerous threats: fear may have profound psychological roots that arise from unpleasant tales, situations or news. The fear of the future in this period arises from uncertain news and little reassurance about what is expected in the coming years.

The consequences of fear of the future

Fear triggers a mechanism that in the worst case becomes a self-eating circuit that gets worse more and more. Emotions become a filter through which to observe and judge reality. Fear therefore makes us think, live and act scared, selecting and putting in the foreground all the possible threats that surround us. Fear arises from the doubt that something is harmful and the fear of the future is fueled by this uncertainty. The most annoying consequence of this state is that this attitude is shifted to a pathological condition. The behaviors associated with this state are avoiding the dreaded situations while fueling a persistent anxiety. Pathological fear is shifted into mood disorders and panic attacks, pathological conditions from which it is difficult to cure.

How to deal with the fear of the future

How to deal with the purest of the future to live better and ward off a possible pathology? For sure, the first step is to recognize your emotional state. Sharing these feelings can be of help. In any case, it takes time to elaborate on what is happening and not to think fear can disappear in a second. Culturally we are always prepared to think about the future, but if we try to slow down and enjoy the present, you can find the serenity of the moment that allows you to overcome the dark future.

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